Our Teaching Approach

What is interprofessional education?

Interprofessional education (IPE) is an innovative approach for preparing students of different disciplines to work together as a team to deliver the best possible patient care.

Why is IPE important?

By promoting greater communication, safety and quality of care, an interprofessional team-based approach delivers better patient outcomes. Ideally, health care is a group effort, not only including the patient, but many different health care professionals working in teams in the best interest of the patient.

What does IPE at Ketchum University look like?

Interprofessional education at MBKU provides students with opportunities to learn about each other’s professions and to learn with the other professions. Our goal is to allow students to actively learn and practice teamwork and communication skills that will make them better health care providers. MBKU's IPE curriculum is taught by faculty in our three colleges: optometry, PA and pharmacy.

Our curriculum has five planned phases:

  • Phase one: interprofessional co-curricular and social events
  • Phase two: teaching through group activities.
  • Phase three: teaching through simulation and standardized patients.
  • Phase four: teaching interprofessional practice at Ketchum Health.
  • Phase five: interprofessional rotation at a Federally Qualified Health Center.

Introducing Ketchum Health Anaheim

Ketchum Health Exterior Photo
Interprofessional collaboration is the future of health care, and MBKU is excited to be leading the way with a new health care center. Known as Ketchum Health Anaheim, the new clinical facility: 

  • Delivers expanded, state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment facilities to Anaheim, CA and the surrounding communities.
  • Offers specialty eye care, and soon, primary health care for families, as well as pharmacy services.
  • Expands on the exceptional clinical experience offered at MBKU.
  • Provides for the patients of Ketchum Health a strategically integrated, comprehensive approach to care.

Ketchum University couldn’t be more excited to head off on this bold new adventure. The future of health care depends on successful interprofessional medical education. As a leader in the effort, MBKU is creating the best clinical and educational environment to prepare tomorrow’s health care leaders.

Interested in IPE at MBKU?

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