Facilities & Services

Lecture Halls
  Richard L. Hopping Academic Center
The majority of MBKU╩╝s lecture halls are located on the ground floor of the Richard L. Hopping Academic Center. Our lecture halls have state-of-the-art presentation equipment including full HD projection systems, interactive digital white boards and digital audio equipment. All of these systems work together delivering content to our Lecture Management System (LMS). LMS allows students online access to review lectures captured by this impressive system.
  M.B. Ketchum Memorial Library
The library on the second floor of the Richard L. Hopping Academic Center houses countless references for student and faculty use. All students have access to online academic journal sources, in addition to the hardcopy sources kept on-site. Students can study at tables in the main part of the library, or may retreat to one of the many study rooms, available for study groups and tutoring sessions. The library also contains a computer room and copy room with printing/copying services. Visit our library’s website for information on services and hours.
Basic & Clinical Science Labs
  Basic & Clinical Sciences Labs
Practical skills are taught and perfected in the pre-clinic laboratories. SCCO labs, including those for contact lenses and ophthalmic optics, are available to our students 24 hours each day, all year long. Students will spend hours in pre-clinic, practicing on each other until they are ready to see their first patient.

Additionally, the School of PA Studies holds many classes in its PA lab for the flexibility of interactive hands-on learning throughout its curriculum.
Practice Exam Rooms
  Medical & Optometric Exam Rooms
PA students use medical exam rooms set up to practice physical exams. Workshops throughout the curriculum feature varying patient conditions that the students must uncover through practical skills such as patient history, testing and observation.

Optometry students also use practice exam rooms set up to replicate the testing space at the National Board of Examiners in Optometry. Students practice new skills in these exam rooms prior to seeing patients.
University Eye Centers
  University Eye Centers
The University Eye Center at Ketchum Health is the main clinical teaching facility of the university’s Southern California College of Optometry, serving more than 25,000 patients annually. The UEC, located at MBKU's Ketchum Health campus in Anaheim, provides comprehensive eye and vision care services to the public. Professional services encompass the diagnosis, treatment and management of eye disease and vision disorders. Clinical services include contact lenses, vision therapy, pediatrics, geriatrics, sports vision, low vision rehabilitation and electrodiagnostics.

To learn more about the University Eye Center at Ketchum Health, visit For information on the University Eye Center at Los Angeles, located about 4 minutes east of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum near downtown Los Angeles, visit the UECLA website.
Rotation Sites
  Outreach Clinical Sites
Each of MBKU’s colleges boasts an extensive Outreach Clinical Program, which provide off-campus clinical experiences for optometry and PA students, and soon pharmacy students as well.

MBKU's extensive clinical programs offer students tremendous opportunities to develop their clinical and professional skills in many different health care delivery systems while serving patients from diverse socioeconomic, racial, ethnic and educational backgrounds.
Student Center
  Essilor Student Center
Given all the hours spent on campus, students need a place to relax. The Rec Room contains a small kitchen with refrigerators, microwaves and vending machines. Students can lounge on the couches and watch the big-screen TV, or compete in a game of pool or table tennis.

The Student Lounge is the location for many campus events, including meetings, presentations and some continuing education classes. When not in use for official business, it is open for any student to use. It's another place where students can kick back and relax in their ever-valuable free time.
Campus Store
  Campus Store
Located next to the Student Lounge and Rec Room, the Campus Store orders all the required books and equipment that each student will need. MBKU buys equipment in bulk to provide a better cost for students. The faculty and Campus Store work together to get students the best equipment to serve them during their time at MBKU, and to last them long into their career. The Campus Store sells official university merchandise for those who want to show their MBKU pride.

Contact information, hours and other information.
  Patricia Hopping Commons
This dedicated outdoor green space provides breathing room for students between their time in the classroom and the clinic. Students can be found spending their free time on the commons to study or play together. Receptions and events such as a movie night or BBQ also take place on the Commons throughout the year.
  Ernest A. Hutchinson Amphitheater
Formal ceremonies such as Commencement and White Coat take place in the center of campus at the Ernest A. Hutchinson Amphitheater, which can seat approximately 1,000. It is also used as a university stage for performances like the MBKU Talent Show and the SCCO Knowledge Bowl.

Fitness Center
Marshall B. Ketchum University believes in the promotion of physical health and mental well-being for all of its students, faculty, staff and administration. In that spirit, a fitness center is available on campus. All current members of the student body in good standing; all contracted faculty, adjunct faculty and faculty emeriti; and all currently employed staff and administrators are eligible to use the Fitness Center upon signing a "Waiver of Liability and Indemnity" form. No other persons are eligible to use the facility. The Fitness Center includes lockers, showers and restrooms that are available for temporary use while utilizing the facilities. The Fitness Center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, unless closed for cleaning and/or repairs.

Additional Services

Since the City of Fullerton is a college community, there are many nearby apartments, rental houses and mobile home sites for housing consideration. Two privately owned dormitory-style apartments for college students are within walking distance of the campus. The university has purchased a number of neighboring condominiums for student housing. Married students, with or without children, may qualify for a subsidized housing program located near the university. MBKU's Office of Student Affairs has housing listings and a roommate service. For further information, contact the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Student Health Insurance
The Southern California College of Optometry requires its students to carry sufficient accident and health care coverage from a carrier of their choosing because of the potential for unexpected health care expenses while enrolled as students. Students are recommended to consider the coverage offered for students through the American Optometric Association or the California Optometric Association.

While actively enrolled in the MBKU School of Physician Assistant Studies (SPAS), all PA students MUST show proof of and maintain personal health care coverage.

Credit Union
Credit union membership is available in the SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union and the California Optometric Association Credit Union. Information and applications for both plans are available from the Office of Human Resources.

Complaint Disclosure Notice
The MBKU complaint process is available in the college catalog and student handbook. Students are encouraged to first utilize the MBKU complaint process but we are required by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education to inform you of the availability of the state complaint process.

An individual may contact the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education for review of a complaint. The bureau may be contacted at 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95833, 916.431.6924 or FAX 916.263.1897.