Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Vision: To assist the university administration in redefining strategic initiatives for enhancing educational effectiveness of the institution.

Mission: To formulate, execute, manage and evaluate a plethora of appraisal endeavors outlined in the university’s Institutional Effectiveness Plan (that will assess all aspects of the institution, including academic, co-curricular and scholarly outcomes) and use the assessment results to continuously improve program quality.


  • Provides   supervision & guidance in institution wide accreditation (WASC) & reaffirmation of accreditation endeavors.
  • Co-ordinates with department leadership teams, Deans/Associate/Assistant Deans to prepare assessment reports for program specific accreditation agencies, such as ACOE, ARC-PA & ACPE.
  • Analyzes all institutional or discipline specific assessment data in statistical software, such as, STATGRAPHIC or SPSS and disseminate summary reports to institutional & program specific accreditation agencies and university stakeholders.
  • Implements assessment endeavors for assessing student achievement of institutional learning outcomes in a longitudinal fashion.
  • Designs assessment tools that specially appraise the attainment of institutional mission and goal statements.
  • Co-ordinates with the university office of student affairs to map co-curricular activities with institutional goals and assess them based on threshold criteria of performance.
  • Measures and assesses the research productivity of the institution, including grants funded and publications/presented posters.