Student Achievement Center

The mission of the Student Achievement Center is to provide support services to help every student become a caring, inspired health care professional through academic and personal growth.


The following services are available to all students at no cost.
  1. Navigating Your Way Through Professional School, a quarterly seminar series providing professional and personal enrichment workshops and lectures.
  2. Personal Academic Enhancement resources providing:
    1. Mentor support.
    2. Personalized academic success planning.
    3. Coordination of tutored study sessions.
    4. Assistance with arranging peer study groups and one-on-one tutoring.
  1. The Student Achievement Center Resource Room.
  2. Personal counseling services.
  3. Peer Advisor Program.
  4. Stress Recess activities providing fun, relaxing activities for students throughout the year.


Student Leadership Development Certificate

What is the Student Leadership Development Certificate program?

The program is designed to develop students’ leadership and professional skills and serve as a foundation for involvement in campus life. Students will learn to lead with integrity through a program that combines academic and experiential learning which will prepare them to become engaged and influential health care leaders of their future communities and professions. 

Why should I apply?

  • Foster personal development by identifying and strengthening those characteristics and leadership styles which will allow you to excel as leaders. 
  • Develop an understanding of the fundamental principles and practices of good leadership. 
  • Model the organizational and interpersonal skills necessary to work well with diverse populations. 
  • Build a greater awareness of effective leadership emphasizing improved communication skills and ethical decision-making. 
  • Encourage engagement through collaboration and empower groups toward a common goal. 
  • Acquire a greater awareness of issues related to the student’s profession. 

Who should apply?

The program is open to all MBKU students interested in exploring and developing their leadership skills. Students who have a desire to make a positive difference in their university, college, community and profession through leadership should apply in the winter quarter of their first professional year.

What should I expect?

The program begins with the Leadership Summit held annually in December, followed by regular seminars and meetings. Students will participate in leadership and service opportunities, and grow and develop as leaders.

Students who have fulfilled the requirements will be awarded with a Leadership Certificate at their Graduation Awards event and will be presented with a Leadership Medal to wear at Commencement.

Apply today
Contact the Office of Student Affairs for more details.