Student Government


The MBKU Student Association Government represents and acts on behalf of the student body to enhance the quality of education, improve student life, and promote student involvement in the profession and the community.

The mission of the MBKU Student Association Government is to advocate on behalf of the student body with the goals of enhancing the quality of education and student life on campus and to foster a sense of community within the university and advance the growth of interprofessional relationships in accordance with the evolving needs of today’s health care.

Annually, each class elects a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, as well as Student Association officers to represent the student body. Each class is free to maintain its own voluntary organization and treasury for social and other extracurricular functions under the supervision of the Student Association. Student government is overseen by the University Student Executive Council (USEC) which is made up of an elected president, treasurer and secretary and the class presidents from every class. The annual Student Association fee is collected by the University Controller to subsidize university-wide student activities approved by the Student Association. Expenditure of these funds is under the complete direction of the Student Association. A portion of these fees goes directly to each class.

2015 - 2016 Student Association Government Leaders
University Student Executive Council
SA President
Erin Tomiyama
The SA President oversees monthly USEC meetings, raises issues that need to be discussed during the meetings, assigns for special projects and nurtures a spirit of cooperation among all USEC members and the student government leaders. The President also serves as a liaison between the students and the MBKU Board of Trustees and attends their quarterly meetings.
SA Secretary
Tiffany Phan
The Secretary composes minutes for monthly USEC meetings, thereby relaying information about current events, updates, and reports to the greater student body population.
SA Treasurer
Anne Bui
The Treasurer is responsible for managing the SA budget, filing taxes and handling financial reimbursement requests for each department.
President, SCCO Class of 2016
Anhthu Do
President, SPAS Class of 2016
Ben Hicks
President, SCCO Class of 2017
Mitul Patel
President, SPAS Class of 2017
Steven Bayer
President, SCCO Class of 2018
Van Vu
President, SCCO Class of 2019
Warren Morton
Immediate Past USEC President
Tiffany Chen
University Student Committees
University Student Community Health Committee
May Sanguanlosit | Gabrielle Gan | Betty Ng | Mark Yeghiazarian


The University Student Community Health Committee is in charge of educating students about community health events and activities. Events that are frequently held include health and vision screenings, blood drives for the American Red Cross and the Healthy Athlete screenings for Special Olympics.
University Student Education Committee
Isabel Duong | Alexandria Aguilera | Flora Huang
The University Student Education Committee is in charge of organizing co-curricular student seminars and events. Interprofessional events are in the making and Partnerships in Optometry is an annual event where renowned speakers from different aspects of optometry come to MBKU to educate students about different practice modalities.
University Student Extracurricular Activities Committee
Christine Yoo | Argina Haghverdian | Kevin Villarama | Jilliam Youngerman
The University Student Extracurricular Activities Committee is in charge of organizing social and athletic extracurricular events while fostering school spirit among the students. Events planned in recent years include an evening formal, Talent Show, faculty-student basketball tournaments, ping-pong tournaments, and campus-wide barbeques.
University Student  Publications Committee
Mark Takasuye | Jennifer DeMoss | Cheryl Duong | Kenzie Fogarty | Judy Quach
The University Student Publications Committee is in charge of capturing the essence and excitement of MBKU student life through the organization and incorporation of photographs into the MBKU yearbook.
University Student Relations Committee
Matthew Hildebrand | Kenneth Cao
The University Student Relations Committee oversees the publication of the Class Act, an annually published student photo directory. This committee is also responsible for coordinating student club and organization activities and organizing USEC and university committee elections.
Student Professional Organization Committees
Each program has a committee with members representing the MBKUSA’s interests in their respective health profession.
SCCO’s Student Professional Organization Committee includes:
American Optometric Student Association (AOSA)
Trustee Brianna Livingston | Trustee-Elect Kallie Kappes
The AOSA Trustee and Trustee-Elect are in charge of keeping optometry students up to date and informed about current events within the optometric profession and providing student representation to allied optometric organizations, namely the American Optometric Association. The AOSA representatives are also in charge of organizing the Western Regional Conference and promoting student participation at the annual Optometry's Meeting®.
American Optometric Association, Political Action Committee
Liaison Lindsay Fullam | Liaison-elect Tiffany Yanase


Optometric Society liaisons for Orange County, South Bay and Inland Empire chapters.
California Optometric Association Student Society
Chair Alex Elson | Chair-elect Adam Rosa
SPAS’s Student Professional Organization Committee includes:
Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (SAAAPA)

AAPA’s House of Delegates
Student Representative

Nathaniel Greeley
AAPA's Assembly of Representatives
Student Representative
Lauren Heinze
The Student Academy of American Academy of Physician Assistants has its own structure, starting with students at individual PA programs. The Student Board of Directors guides SAAAPA affairs for the following year. Each year, students may elect one representative from each PA program to attend the Assembly of Representatives, the legislative body of the Student Academy. The AOR meets once a year at the annual AAPA conference where it sets policy and elects the Student Academy officers. Any AAPA student member who has not yet graduated is eligible for a student officer position.
California Academy of Physician Assistants (CAPA)
Emily McCoy
The mission of the California Academy of Physician Assistants is to represent and serve physician assistants statewide. As an advocate of its members for quality health care and for their valued, unique alliance with supervising physicians, CAPA will enhance, educate and empower physician assistants for the ultimate benefit of their patients. The class cabinet includes a CAPA student representative position. They work with CAPA to keep the class informed of legislation and advancements specific to California PAs.