PHM 750 Capstone Project II

0.5 Units

An important component of the curriculum is the inclusion of a culminating experience. While the practice experience and the culminating experience are often separate requirements, it is possible to integrate the two experiences. In those instances when the practice experience also serves as the culminating experience, it is essential that these assignments be planned and implemented to assure that the student applies skills from across the curriculum and demonstrates synthesis and integration of knowledge. The evaluation of the practice experience takes on special significance when it is also used as the culminating experience, since this may be the sole means by which assessment of the full range of required competencies is achieved. Supervised by college faculty, the capstone project is a culminating experience integrating knowledge, practice and insights acquired in coursework and other learning experiences during the Doctor of Pharmacy program. The capstone project may include several options, such as the writing of a professional paper, design and implementation of a research project or a service learning project. This is an important component to achieving the outcomes desired for our graduates.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of prior quarter coursework or program permission.