PHM 811 Case Conferences II

0.0 Units

The format and structure of Case Conference Reflections is to provide a forum for the students to apply the knowledge acquired in the didactic curriculum to clinical cases. Interprofessional activities in the Case Conference Reflections help students employ problem-solving skills and practice in applying evidence-based medicine. The sessions are held during the P4 year at the end of the third week of each six week advanced (APPE) course and are led by faculty members from the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Practice departments.

The Case Conference sessions are followed by breakout sessions. The sessions are designed to help students practice their communication skills and delivery of information in an organized and concise format. During the breakout sessions students present interventions on acute and chronic patient case experiences, and epidemiological outcomes based on public health focused experiences. All presentations are evaluated and assessed by the faculty facilitators and preceptors present in the session. This course will also serve to record the completion of a NAPLEX preparatory course to assess NAPLEX readiness.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of prior quarter of coursework or program permission.