Marshall B. Ketchum University

College of Pharmacy

Program Goals

To achieve our Mission, our Program Goals are to:

  1. Maintain a culture of interprofessional education through extensive interdisciplinary interactions between the students of the university’s health profession programs.
  2. Establish and maintain accountability in the college through periodic and systematic assessments measuring the attainment of program outcomes, followed by stakeholder analysis and maintenance of an ongoing plan for continuous improvement.
  3. Recruit and educate highly qualified students who will excel in the profession and in advanced pharmacy practice.
  4. Recruit, mentor and retain outstanding faculty who are leaders in their own disciplines to strengthen the academic and scholarship programs at the college.
  5. Provide a comprehensive, innovative, and integrated curriculum that leads to assimilation and application, which fully prepares students for licensure and entry level practice upon graduation.
  6. Create opportunities to participate in interprofessional clinical practice experiences based on current and developing evidence-based standards, care delivery systems and teamwork.
  7. Develop learning/service opportunities in the community, rural and underserved areas, while motivating our students to demonstrate cultural sensitivity and respect.
  8. Design and sustain a technology-based, inclusive, student-centered instructional environment that supports a wide array of active/participatory learning techniques.
  9. Develop students as self-motivated, life-long learners through problem-solving, focused analysis, critical thinking, and self-directed learning in curricular and co-curricular activities.
  10. Promote and provide leadership, patient advocacy, and professional development opportunities for our students that foster community awareness of the role and value of the pharmacy profession while encouraging service, entrepreneurship, and local/global partnerships.
  11. Provide support and professional development opportunities to enable faculty to maintain excellence in teaching, scholarship, research, leadership, and service.

Marshall B. Ketchum University College of Pharmacy’s Doctor of Pharmacy program has been granted Precandidate status by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, 135 South LaSalle Street, Suite 4100, Chicago, IL 60503, 312/644-3575; FAX 312/664-4652, web site Granting of Precandidate status brings no rights or privileges of accreditation as associated with either candidate status or accredited status. Precandidate status indicates only that planning has taken into account ACPE standards and guidelines and suggests reasonable assurance of moving to the next step, that of Candidate status. Since Precandidate status does not create any rights of accreditation under the ACPE standards, it is the opinion of ACPE that graduates of programs of Colleges or Schools of Pharmacy that bear Precandidate status do not meet the educational requirements for licensure..