Information for Parents & Families

While your student is the one wearing the white coat and going to class, your support as a family member is vital to their success in our program. At Commencement, when they step up on that platform and receive their Doctor of Optometry degree, it is a victory for the whole family — not to mention free vision exams for life! 

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We are honored to come alongside you and your loved one, as they prepare to embark on the admissions process, and the four-year journey through MBKU’s Doctor of Optometry program. 

If you have any questions regarding our program, feel free to contact the Office of Student Affairs via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call 714-449-7444.

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This 36 minute presentation covers information about Financial Aid, Optometry’s secure future, as well as highlights about MBKU’s program.

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Parents & Families are Welcome to Attend...

Parents & Families of Prospective Students

Parents & Families of Admitted Students
  • Orientation BBQ (1st year) in August
  • Fall Awards Assembly (All years) in September
  • White Coat Ceremony (1st year) in October
  • Commencement (4th year) in May

How to Support Your Student

Parents & Families of Prospective Students: 

  • Encourage your student to learn as much as possible about the profession of optometry and the admissions process.
    Learn about the profession yourself!
  • Help your student with their interview skills.
  • For FAQs about our interview process, make your request via email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
  • Help your student discover what is important to them when choosing an institution.

Parents & Families of Admitted Students: 

  • Purchase Campus Store Gift Certificates.  Email the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information.
  • Get your eyes examined at MBKU's University Eye Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How and where will my student be purchasing books and other equipment?  Do they need to purchase a specific computer?
    • MBKU buys optical equipment in bulk so that we get a better cost for our students. The faculty and Campus Store work together to get your student the best equipment to not only serve them during their time at MBKU, but to last them long into their practice. If for some reason they already own a piece of equipment, they will not be required to purchase it again. When they pick up their equipment from the Campus Store, they will pay at that time. We intentionally spread out the need for equipment so they purchase it throughout the year. Your student is not required to buy a laptop of any kind. We have two computer labs on campus, one of which is available to students 24/7. Click here for estimated cost of equipment each year.
  2. Is the MBKU campus and surrounding area safe for my student?
    • Yes! The campus is located in a residential area, nestled next to homes, apartment complexes, a church, a fire station and across the street from Cal State Fullerton. It is not uncommon to see our students or Cal State students walking home from campus late at night. As an extra measure to ensure that our students feel safe anytime, we have Security Guards on campus 24/7 who constantly monitor the grounds.
  3. Is on-campus housing available?
    • We do not have on-campus housing, but Fullerton has several apartment complexes within walking distance. Average rent if you have one or more roommates is between $450—$750 per month. MBKU has compiled a list of nearby rental properties. To request this list, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
  4. Is financial aid for a professional graduate program different than financial aid for an undergraduate program?
    • Yes – Professional graduate students are not eligible for the federal Pell Grant program or California’s Cal Grant program. However, the Direct Loan program does provide higher loan limits for professional graduate students. A significant difference between professional graduate financial aid and undergraduate financial aid is how eligibility is determined. Parent income and assets no longer determine eligibility for loans and the Work Study program. Graduate-professional financial aid eligibility is based on student/spouse income and assets regardless of age or dependency status on parent tax returns. The Health Professions programs are exceptions. These programs do require parent income and asset information.
  5. How can my son or daughter financially prepare for a professional graduate program?
    • Students who need to finance the cost of a professional graduate education should be financing only the direct costs of the program and a modest monthly living cost budget. Obligations to any consumer debt — a vehicle loan or credit card balances should be addressed prior to beginning a professional graduate program. Students financing the cost of their education with loans will receive funds for living costs at the start of each academic term. Prior budgeting experience is an advantage.
  6. Will my son or daughter have to make payments on their undergraduate debt while they complete a professional graduate program?
    • No – Repayment on federal student loan debt is postponed when the borrower is enrolled half-time or more in a professional graduate program.
  7. I would like to finance a portion of my son or daughter’s cost of education. Should I provide the funds I have equally throughout the program, or is there an advantage to providing these funds at the beginning of the program?
    • The direct loan program earns interest as it is disbursed making the borrowing at the start of the program more expensive than borrowing at the end of the program.  Therefore, the fewer loans your son or daughter take out at the beginning, the better.
  8. Are MBKU graduates able to repay their loans?
    • Yes – MBKU’s Stafford direct loan default rate has been zero for over a decade.