Why Choose MBKU

Marshall B. Ketchum University provides the highest quality physician assistant education through excellence in teaching, patient care, research and public service. MBKU’s PA program was the first accredited PA program in Orange County! Our graduate students are interested in being thought leaders and pioneers in this new approach to health care. Focused on the intersection between these professions, students are inspired to think outside of their individual specialties and work in interprofessional teams to increase patient outcomes and provide them with security for their future.

Interprofessional Education
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MBKU – The Best Choice

As a future physician assistant student, you’ll be making a substantial investment of time and resources into your career.  You have a responsibility to research your options to find the best fit for you and yield a good return on investment.  There are dozens of reasons why MBKU, with over 110 years of excellence in clinical education, patient care and research, is worth of your consideration.  Here are the top 7.

  1. Outstanding Contemporary Campus.  The MBKU Campus, buildings and facilities are fantastic!  Add the great year-round weather and tremendous recreational attractions—beaches, mountains, professional sports, major theme parks, cultural events and a variety of culinary cuisines—and you have a wonderful environment for learning and personal growth.
  2. Ideal Location.  MBKU is located in a residential, suburban neighborhood with many nearby apartments and rental houses for consideration.  About 50% of students live within one mile of the MBKU campus, which facilities a real sense of community on our campus.  Some schools are located in urban environments where students would not want to live and other institutions are in “high rent” districts where a typical student’s budget would not allow for housing near campus.
  3. Leadership Experience—A Hallmark of MBKU.  Our students, alumni, faculty and administrators are leaders in their communities and within local, state and national health organizations.  This is a tremendous source of pride for the entire MBKU Family.
  4. Opportunities to Help Others. MBKU has strong professional relationships with the community. Our students participate in many events at elementary schools and senior facilities, Boys and Girls Clubs, Special Olympics, etc.
  5. Private, Autonomous College Since 1904.  MBKU is the third oldest optometry school founded in 1904. It is a private, non-profit college, not part of California’s U.C. system. This means that a history of excellence is established and the standard of quality is maintained at an elite level. With the addition of the School of Physician Assistant Studies and planned College of Pharmacy, interprofessional education will soar to new heights. What’s more, MBKU’s PA program was the first accredited PA program in Orange County.
  6. Student to Faculty Ratio.  With a class size of 34 students, the small student to faculty ratio provides a greater opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussion, and professors who can offer individualized attention.
  7. Integrated Curriculum.  Integration of curricula in medical education seeks to break down barriers between subject areas in order to provide students with better learning opportunities that will facilitate the development of knowledge that is relevant and meaningful to clinical practice, is deep and retrievable, and which is amenable to alteration, updating, and development as a part of an ongoing process of lifelong learning.