Why Choose SCCO

As a future optometry student, you'll be making a substantial investment of time and resources into your future career. There are many reasons why Marshall B. Ketchum University’s SCCO is worthy of your consideration. Here are the top ten:

  1. Exceptional Clinical Education. SCCO's Outreach Clinical Program has more than 80 clinical sites in the U.S. and abroad. As part of their clinical education, students are able to select three different rotation sites, providing the ability to tailor their last year of clinical education to meet their personal interests in the various optometric subspecialties.

    As Marshall B. Ketchum University evolves into an interprofessional institution, it is preparing both its curriculum and technology for the future of medical education, in which technology is especially important to learning and growth for both students and the university. Take a look at our newest virtual reality technology:

  2. High Pass Rates on National Tests. SCCO students consistently achieve high NBEO pass rates.
  3. Outstanding Contemporary Campus. The SCCO Campus and its buildings and facilities are fantastic! Add the great year-round weather and tremendous recreational attractions – beaches, mountains, professional sports, major theme parks, cultural events and a variety of culinary cuisines – and you have a wonderful environment for learning and personal growth.
  4. Mentoring – Different than Undergraduate School. The majority of SCCO's faculty are full-time and are readily available to assist students. All courses and labs are taught by faculty members and not by graduate assistants. Most didactic course faculty members are also clinical preceptors as this fosters a continuity of education as the principles and concepts learned in lectures and lab are reinforced in the clinical setting during patient care encounters. SCCO faculty are truly vested in each student's progress throughout the four-year educational process.
  5. Hit the Ground Running. SCCO has more practice management course hours in its curriculum than any other optometry program, preparing future practitioners for both patient care and successful business practices. SCCO's Practice Management Center (PMC) provides assistance to students for the successful transfer and development of independent optometric practices.
  6. Ideal Location. SCCO is located in a residential, suburban neighborhood with many nearby apartments and rental houses for consideration. About 50% of students live within one mile of the SCCO Campus, which facilitates a real sense of community on our campus. Some optometry schools are located in urban environments where students would not want to live and other institutions are in "high rent" districts where a typical student's budget would not allow for housing near campus.
  7. Here to Help. The Office of Admissions has a long-standing reputation for excellent service to potential students. Email inquiries are answered promptly, and phone calls are answered personally during business hours. Various platforms such as the Optometry Admissions Blog and the Facebook Group are online platforms designed to answer all questions about the admissions process.
  8. Working Together – Student Assistance. The Office of Student Affairs has many services to provide support and to help every student with success. Tutoring assistance, counseling services, and mentor support are provided through the Student Achievement Center. Upper classmates also conduct mock proficiency exam reviews to assist students in preparing for clinical proficiency exams. Faculty are friendly and willing to assist all students in achieving their maximum potential.
  9. Students Begin Seeing Patients in Their First Year. Through the Clinical Enhancement Program students begin working with patients in the University Eye Center at Ketchum Health in their first year of training. They are paired with upper classmates to assist and observe in patient care. After learning clinical skills, they then see their own patients as Second-Year Students.
  10. Leadership Experience – A Hallmark of SCCO. Our students, alumni, faculty and administrators are leaders in their communities and within local, state and national optometric organizations. This is a tremendous source of pride for the entire SCCO Family. Student leadership skills are fostered through a Student Leadership Development Certificate Program.