March 2015 Reunion

Classmates already registered for the Reunion:

1955  Win Title

1965  Bert and Eileen McCoy
            Carl and Donna Melnik
            Renald and Cathy Anelle

1970  David Wakabayashi
            Lorne and Beverley Muth

1975  Tony Carnevali
            Keith Barker
            James Grimes
            Craig Scheffel
            Ronald Berggren
            Mark Piekarski
            Jon and Marie Morrison
            Michael Morris

1980  Dennis Duncan and Wendy Duncan, ’82
            James and Linda Abbott

1983  Dawn Miller

1986  Charlie Luu

1987   Lynn Louie
            Harue Marsden

1990  MaryAnne Marcolivio

1993  Cathie Heyman

1995  Carmen and Mike Barnhardt
            Avani Patel
            Steve and Wendy Langsford
            Michael Chow
            Kauser and Ian Sharieff
            Grace Buenaventura
            Kristi Schied
            Lisa Hopkins
            Sherri Azimi & Farhad Sharifi
            Janis Mayeda
            Laurel Jensen and Brett Bowman, ’94
            Deborah Geering-Fend
            Carmela Larino

2000  Cindy Siu-Blancq and Randy Blancq

2005  Laurie Davie

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