The Campaign for MBKU


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Achieving 20|20 Logo Established in 1904, Marshall B. Ketchum University (MBKU) is home to one of the oldest optometry schools in the United States, the Southern California College of Optometry (SCCO). The flagship college began in Los Angeles and moved to its current location in Fullerton in 1973.

Today, MBKU is expanding to include new health care education programs, and it is no secret that our Fullerton campus has reached maximum utilization. The time is now for Marshall B. Ketchum University to deliver new programs and the resources, both financial and capital, to better serve the region’s growing investment in health care education. As the nation continues to unfold health care reforms and patients seek more inclusive medical treatments, MBKU is well positioned in Orange County to optimize its strength in providing world-class optometry education by adding core curriculum in the Physician Assistant and Pharmacy disciplines. MBKU is launching a comprehensive campaign, ACHIEVING 20|20:  Reimagining Health Care Education, to meet future needs of our students as well as a diverse, aging and growing population. Adding new programs and facilities will enable MBKU’s transformation agenda over the next decade.

Our Strategic Campaign Initiatives include:

  1.  University Growth (Capital & Endowment Support)
  2.  Scholarships & Student Programs
  3.  Interprofessional Education & Campus-based Clinical Practice
  4.  Community Health & Service
  5.  Children’s Vision
  6.  International Partnerships to Advance Global Health Care
  7.  Practice Management
Your partnership in supporting MBKU’s investment in health care education has enormously rewarding returns. MBKU’s exciting expansion plans will serve regional health care needs for many years to come. Join us in our effort to reimagine health care education. Make your commitment today.