Please Be Seated

To name one seat or several in the digitally transformed classroom theaters at MBKU, please click the 'Please Be Seated Payment' button on the right. Then select the number of seats to be named and add seat names before clicking 'Accept'. 

Once payment is received, patrons will be contacted by the Office of University Advancement to determine nameplate details and placement of purchased seat(s) in the classroom.   

Nameplates are located on the modesty panel in front of the desk portion of the seat purchased.  Nameplates exhibit First, Middle Initial (if there is one), and Last Name. One degree (OD or other) and year of graduation may also be added.   If there is space, a second line may be added indicating a group affiliation with the College, such as Class of _____ , or leadership group, such College Trustee or Alumni Association Director.

When contacted, please be prepared with classroom preference.  Where possible, you may also be seated according to preference for front, back, middle sections, on the aisle or to the side.

To make a payment by mail, click on the application below, fill out the form online and mail the form back to us at the address on the form.


The box office for naming classroom seats will remain open for an extended run.  Thank you for supporting the Southern California College of Optometry.

Many thanks to our Please Be Seated Patrons (as of October 3, 2016).

Currently Seated

Classroom A101

Cary and Tammie Akiyoshi
Dorothy A. Bergin
Richard A. Bergin
Morris S. Berman
David W. Betts
David A. Bradley
Barbara Breffle
Nolita Buenaventura
Abie R. Chadderdon
Terrence L. Chan
John E. Chase
Lawrence Chin
Randall L. Chung
Robert and Sheila Collins (4)
Hi and Lien Dinh
Phillip L. Dixon
Svetlana Fisher
Stewart M. Forman
Lynn Caffrey Gabriel
The Germundsen Family
Harvey, Alan, and Merle Goldstone
Leslie A. Gregor
Gladys B. Grimes
James B. Grimes
James H. Grimes
Valerie K. Hamamoto
Michael N. Handy
Donald B. Hanford
Douglas L. Huff
Roger L. Jordan
Brian S. Kawasaki
Kellye J. Knueppel
Steven K. Kurata (2)
Alan Kuykendall (in memoriam)
Damon M. Lanier
Barry W. Leonard
Douglas L. Major
Jennifer C. Mallinger
Joseph C. Mallinger
Leah C. Mallinger
Calvin P. Martindale
Anne K. Matsushima
Richard H. Miyasaka
John H. Nishimoto
Shalu Pal
Ana Maria Pico
Charles A. Richards
Steven B. Richlin
Frances A. Rozner
Randy & Glenda Secor
Tami Sato
John C. Spaeth
Jonathan E. Stine
David A. Swearingen
James D. Tavis
Elliot Vaupen
Dan Takushi Wakabayashi
David T. Wakabayashi

Classroom A102

Joel Jay Ackerman
Lisa K. Albers
Charlotte Barnes-LeBlanc
Lee S. Berman
Taylor W. Bladh
Eric J. Borsting
Kenneth J. Boyer
Gene D. Calkins
Taylor K. Chin
Amy T. Chu
Michael A. Corben
Larry W. Decker
Duane A. deCroupet
Carol M. Dobbs
Joe W. Dobbs
Robert V. Dolan
Jeffrey Garcia (3)
A. Margarita Geronimo
Stacey T. Gin
Norman G. Goss
Frederick R. Harris
Milly Heaton
William E. Heaton, Jr.
The Izmirian Family
Donald E. Jarnagin
Donald E. Jarnagin and Family
Sharon S. Jarnagin
Woody & Dorotha Jarnagin
Ann M. Johannsen
Richard D. Jones
Harry L. Kendall
Jon H. Kendall
Richard L. Kendall
Frances M. Knott
Dennis M. Kuwabara
Carmela T. Larino
Franklin Y. Lau
Warren Harvard Low
Joseph Mallory
Robert B. Mandell
Jackie McCall
Jane Ann Munroe
Charles and Jolene Munson
John H. Muto
Carol Jane Najera
National Optometric Association
Stuart W. Needleman
Albert Mayer Nemiroff
Robert A. Reynolds
Loyd E. Russell
Ernest O. Saiki
Glenda B. Secor
Paul A. Seibert
Vernon I. Shibata
Daisy L. Spearman
Luelinda Tomlin
Judy W. Tong
Lesley L. Walls
Lawrence & Bernice Washington
Michael D. Watkins
Terre Watson
Doretta and Wayne Wedin

Classroom A103

Justin T. Abo
Larissa A. Murakami-Abo
Juan J. Alamo
Teresa F. Alamo
Susan M. Brunnett
Tony Carnevali
Bill G. Codner
David S. Davis
Gary L. Etting
Gary M. Freestone
Kenneth A. Fukuda
Ana & Vicente (Grove)
Jennifer Grove and Jimmy Shih
David E. Hancey
Gregory D. Hansen
Lisa M. Hansen
Alan J. Hastings
Brian N. Higa
Larry and Barbara Higa
Wayne W. Hoeft
Kristin A. Jones
Jennie Y. Kageyama
Anna S. Kame
Gregory Y. Kame
Janet E. Kemmerer
Donald James Ketchum
(Honored by the Ketchum Family)
Marshall Maitland Ketchum
(Honored by the Ketchum Family)
Kent H. Kienlen
Michael M. King
Edmund M. Krause
John E. Larcabal
Clifford A. Lee
Kim Lee
Stephanie P. Lee
Suzanne Lee
Scott A. Loe
Lynne D. Louie
Charles C. Luu
Neil W. McAllister
Dawn M. Miller
Mitchell T. Munson
Henry H. Oster, '57 & Susan Oster
Lanny E. Parker
Robert Pearson
Robert E. Sachs
Mark H. Sawamura
Anne E. Simpson
Richard L. Simpson
Alfred J. & Helen Souchek
Rodney L. Tahran
Dorcas K. Tsang
Lorraine Voorhees
Shao-Ling Wang
Alysa Watanabe
Brian R. Whitney
Jeffrey S. Williams
Todd L. Wolfley