Optometry FAQs - Optometry

Here's a wealth of knowledge that will help you as an applicant. It's recommended that you review all of this information as part of your application process.

Most Requested FAQs

  • Applicant Planning Concise list of the basic need-to-knows when applying.
  • Applying Through OptomCAS Comprehensive information about how to apply through OptomCAS, how OptomCAS processes your application and then how SCCO processes your application.
  • Class Profile Information about each class that is admitted, including such data as GPAs, OAT scores, and other demographic information.
  • Competitive Applicant Profile Lists what SCCO looks for in a competitive applicant.
  • Essay Questions SCCO’s essay questions that are part of the OptomCAS application.
  • GPA Evaluation and PNP Policy How SCCO evaluates your grades and computes GPAs.
  • LOR Sources Recommended sources for requesting Letters of Recommendation to be written on your behalf. Note that one is required from an optometrist.
  • OAT Preparation and Scores Tips for OAT preparation and how SCCO evaluates your OAT scores.
  • Prerequisite Course Approval and Accreditation How you can get a prerequisite course reviewed and approved for acceptability to meet SCCO’s requirements. Explains too how you can verify the proper accreditation for the school offering the course.
  • Raising Your GPA and Repeat Delete Policy Formula used to compute how many more units of coursework are necessary to raise your GPA to a competitive level. Also, it explains SCCO’s policy about repeating courses for grade replacement.
  • Reapplying How reapplication works and why it’s not so bad to be a re-applicant.
  • Rolling Admissions Explained Helps strategize for a rolling admissions cycle, which is a format used by SCCO.
  • SCCO Prerequisites Detailed explanation of courses that must be completed before matriculation.
  • Shadowing The goals of shadowing and how to set up a shadowing experience.
  • Supplemental Application How the supplemental application through OptomCAS works. New for the 15-16 admissions cycle, high school transcripts are no longer required as part of your application.
  • Taking Courses at Community College Policy explaining that we do accept prerequisite courses completed at community colleges.
  • The Academics-The First Qualifying Round SCCO’s admissions process consists of two qualifying rounds. This FAQ discusses the first round and what goes into qualifying an applicant to advance on to the second round for an interview invitation.
  • The Interview-The Second Qualifying Round Discusses the goal of the interview and what interview day at SCCO is like.
  • Timeline Strategy for Taking OAT Tips on planning your OAT preparation strategy for an optimum timeline.
  • Uncompleted Prerequisite Coursework Since most applicants are in the process of completing prerequisite requirements as they go through the admissions process, this policy will explain the timeline involved with completing those requirements before matriculation.
  • Why Choose SCCO Our campus community put together this expansive list on reasons why one should consider SCCO for their program of choice.

All Other FAQs:

Flyers and Other Information:

  • Starting a Pre-Optometry Club Tips for starting a pre-optometry club on your campus.
  • OAT Exam Guide from ASCO Current information about the OAT from its administrators.
  • OptomCAS FAQ Page Well organized information about applying through this centralized application service required by SCCO.
  • Dr. Munroe’s Recommended Reading A time-honored reading list of resources that will help you not only prepare to interview and write personal statements, but will help in your training as a healthcare provider.
  • Information for High School Students Still in high school and want to learn more about optometry as a profession? Want to learn more about how to prepare to apply to optometry school? This information will get you started.