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SCCO Scholarship Opportunities

Through generous gifts from benefactors, each year the Southern California College of Optometry recognizes student achievement and financial need with over $300,000 in scholarships and awards. During the course of your 4-year education, the college will award approximately 1.2 million dollars to support students. Each season, SCCO awards nearly 200 scholarships and awards ranging from $500 to $20,000 per award. Some scholarships are automatically awarded by the scholarship committee, while others require an essay or application to be submitted for consideration. Applications to these various opportunities are released to the current students by the Dean’s Office during the fall term. No action is required by incoming students the summer preceding matriculation.

The following scholarships are available for outstanding achievement and financial need in the various categories listed below, and students are eligible to receive multiple awards from each category.

Undergraduate Excellence

Scholarships awarded to incoming students:

  • Drs. Fred and Betty Chelf Memorial Scholarships
  • Lenard W. and Nelda O. Sledge Scholarships                                               
  • Jonathan Smith, OD Scholarships
  • The Presidential Scholarships

Academic Excellence

  • Alumni Association of Marshall B. Ketchum University Scholarships in Honor of Leslie W. Scown, OD
  • Joseph L. Bruneni Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Herbert McCracken Dixon Scholarships
  • Dr. Howard Preston Memorial Scholarship (South Bay Optometric Society)
  • Vision for Excellence Scholarships
  • Vision for Excellence Grants
  • Dr. Lorraine Voorhees Scholarship
  • VSP and AAOF Practice Excellence Scholarship

Clinical Excellence

  • Alvin Applebaum Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Frank A. Brazelton Memorial Scholarships
  • Adam E. and Marguerite E. Diehl Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Joe W. Dobbs Scholarships
  • Dr. John R. Griffin Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Richard L. Hopping Ethics Scholarships
  • Dr. Cecil B. Kohake, ′77, Scholarship
  • Dr. Bertram L. Roberts Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Takao Shishino Scholarships
  • Southwest Contact Lens Society Endowed Scholarship


  • Drs. Kevin and Carol Alexander Leadership Scholarship
  • California Optometric Council Achievement Scholarship
  • George I. Deane Jr., OD Memorial Student Leadership Award
  • Great Western Council of Optometry Scholarship (GWCO)
  • Healthy Eyes Advantage (HEA) Scholarship
  • Dr. Donald E. Jarnagin Scholarship
  • Kristin A. Jones Memorial Scholarships
  • The Drs. Mallinger Family Scholarship
  • Optic Gallery Scholarship
  • Sheryl Potter Scholarship
  • Dr. Geraldine J. Sherman Memorial Scholarship

Community Service

  • Dr. William Brisbane Memorial Scholarship
  • J. Pat Cummings Scholarship
  • Dr. Jeffery Garcia Scholarship
  • William E. Langston Sports Vision Scholarship
  • “Missio Dei” Service Scholarship

Financial Need

  • Arizona Vision Service Plan Scholarships
  • Dr. Louis Ash Memorial Scholarship
  • Black Student Scholarships
  • Juliet E. Hardtner/Blake Family Scholarships
  • Marjorie H. Bright Scholarship
  • Dr. Reynaldo J. Carreon, Jr. Memorial Scholarships
  • Dr. Vincent and Nina Conlan Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Leon Darrow Memorial Scholarships
  • Dr. Clifford M. Harn, '20 Memorial Scholarship
  • William E. Heaton Jr. Scholarship
  • Hispanic Scholarships
  • Betty Lou Hoeft Memorial Scholarship
  • Woody and Dorotha Jarnagin Memorial Scholarships
  • Dr. Homer A. Nelson Memorial Scholarships
  • Dr. Erwin A. Rader Memorial Scholarships
  • Rio Hondo Optometric Society Scholarship
  • Stephen Sokol Rio Hondo Optometric Society Scholarship
  • Dr. Martin A. Robin Memorial Scholarship
  • Michael R. Sellers, O.D., '78, and Stephanie E. Sellers Scholarships
  • Harold M. Uhrich, Jr. and Shirley J. Uhrich Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert K. Vinyard Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Louis and Marcia Zabner Scholarships

Outside Foundations, Organized Optometry and Industry Supported Awards

Various outside optometric organizations offer over $10,000 in support to students multiple scholarship awards.