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Peer Advisor Blog Posts

Peer advising provides non-academic advice and personal student perspectives about life and learning at MBKU in an informal way to all students in the first academic year. Peer advising is the student complement to academic advising provided by faculty advisors and University Student Affairs. New students will gain informed student perspective that is based on their Peer Advisor’s personal experience within their program, along with formal training.

Peer Advisors are students in the second academic year who are committed to academic excellence and student leadership. They show strong commitment to helping new students make the transition from undergraduates to informed, successful professional students who will be responsible for their academic goals and professional growth.

Peer Advice: Healthy Breakfast Recipes!

Trying to think of or find healthy yummy recipes to make while being in grad school full time can be difficult.

That’s why I wanted to give simple breakfast recipes so that you don’t have to brainstorm a meal.

Toast! Toast is simple, easy, and customizable. With a Costco membership you can buy two loaves of bread for $5. Put one loaf in the freezer – it will still toast perfectly.

Peer Advice: Ways to Help Prevent Burnout

Welcome SCCO and COP Classes of 2025 and SPAS Class of 2023! I’m so excited for your new journey here at Marshall B Ketchum!!

As many of you may already know from your previous experiences as undergraduate students, there are many moments throughout our academic journey where we may begin to feel burnout and exhaustion. This feeling is completely normal, especially during graduate school. Do not worry! I am here to help share some fun activities that have helped myself and other students prevent burnout.

Activity Number 1: TAKE BREAKS!

Peer Advice: Time management - Classwork, Extracurriculars, Free Time, Oh My!

Grad school can be a big challenge, and finding the time for your studies, extracurriculars, and downtime on a quarter system can seem overwhelming and even impossible.

But never fear! Many before you have done it and soon you will too! Here are some tips that helped me navigate grad school and hopefully they will help you conquer not only your studies and extracurriculars, but find the much needed time for yourself during school.

Peer Advice: What's In My School Bag? Pharmacy Edition

Welcome to the MBKU Pharmily!

My favorite part about back-to-school season has always been about the school supplies. After experiencing my first year of pharmacy school online, I am more excited than ever before to come prepared and tackle my in-person pharmlife. Here is a list of school supplies that will be in my computer backpack…

1. IPad Pro 12.9-inch

Peer Advice: How I Study in PA School

Welcome, SPAS Class of 2023! Congratulations on joining the MBKU family, and I am already so inspired by your determination to do well in graduate school. When school starts to get difficult and overwhelming, please never lose sight of your why and remember that you were hand-picked to be part of this class and program. You are 100% deserving of being here, even if it may not feel like it!

Peer Advice: Ways to Save as a Student

Being a student may not be the most glamorous life, but luckily there are numerous perks that we can take advantage of during the next four years.

You’re most likely already shopping at these places, but paying full price. While we’re in school and even beyond, get into the habit of never paying full price for things; it’ll save you lots of money over time. Here’s a list of tips and tricks I’ve practiced over the years that have saved me hundreds of dollars.