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New Campus Building Encourages Interprofessional Collaboration

Students studying together in the new building at MBKU.

Proximity can foster greater understanding. That axiom was a driving force in the development of Ketchum University’s Health Professions Building – a 43,000 square-foot newly remodeled multi-faceted building that houses learning spaces for all three of MBKU’s professional programs.

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News & Perspectives

Setbacks Prompt Reflection – and Inner Fortitude

Steven Nguyen, College of Pharmacy, ’20, found direction and inner strength from the unlikeliest of places – academic disqualification as an undergraduate. The experience forced him to dig deep, and learn some hard truths. It was a setback he never expected and one that forever changed his outlook. Read the full story today.

Working to Help Patients Bridge the Language Barrier

Sandy Rios, College of Pharmacy, ’20, grew up in the East San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles where she says there are many socio-economic barriers to higher education. Rios’s parents immigrated from Mexico in the 1980s and didn’t make much money while she was growing up. But they did give her an enormous gift: a respect and yearning for a higher education. Read the full story today

Evidence-Based Review: Adjunctive Azithromycin Prophylaxis for Cesarean Delivery

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) involves using the most robust clinical research to guide the clinical decisions that impact patients’ lives. Not all clinical studies are equal in terms of quality. Therefore, it is essential that pharmacists are able to critically appraise clinical studies so that the best decisions are made, and patient outcomes are optimized.