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Marshall B. Ketchum University College of Pharmacy Teaching Certificate Program

The Marshall B. Ketchum University College of Pharmacy Teaching Certificate Program is a yearlong instructional program designed to provide participants with the experience and guidance to succeed in educational settings. Program completion will provide participants with improved understanding of the role of pharmacy educators at colleges of pharmacy.

Program Overview

Participants will participate in several teaching workshops designed to improve understanding of pharmacy academia and develop skills necessary when providing instruction in didactic or clinical practice settings. Workshop topics will include how to create a teaching philosophy, careers in academia, assessment strategies, how to provide feedback, strategies for large and small group teaching, and pharmacy practice research. Participants will also have opportunities to provide instruction and evaluate learners in large and small group settings.


“The teaching certificate program gave me a better understanding of and appreciation for the many roles a pharmacy educator has in a university setting. My first introduction to academia was quite impactful which entailed writing my teaching philosophy, a reflective essay many faculty members will write (many times) throughout their careers. Getting clear on my teaching beliefs and teaching methods gave me a useful starting point to actively begin practicing my teaching skills with pharmacy students both as a preceptor and lecturer. Through this practice, I was able to strengthen my presentation skills, pharmacy knowledge, and confidence as a pharmacy educator both in the classroom and in the field. I am confident that the tools gained from the program will continue to serve me well throughout my career, allowing me to pay it forward to future pharmacy leaders. I am immensely grateful to Dr. Joshua Garcia and Dr. Kayvan Moussavi for their time, support, and invaluable mentorship. I am also thankful for the pharmacy residents I was able to complete the program with who made the program that much more memorable.”

Kristina Oliver, PharmD, Program Participant 2021-2022

“The program gave me opportunities to practice and reinforce my skill sets in teaching both small groups and large groups, applying educational technology knowledge, learning ways to motivate students, and improving time management.”

Tuan Dang, PharmD, RPh, Program Participant 2021-2022