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Strategic Plan 2021-2026

The MBKU DEI Committee established goals to achieve as an institution based on focus group discussions held across campus, engaging stakeholders from every department, including administrators, students, staff, and faculty.

  • Goal: Development of inclusive culture through education on diversity, inclusion and cultural humility
    • Action Items
      • Faculty and Staff Development
        • Establish mandatory training curriculum for employees related to DEI/CC
        • Provide Employee development opportunities related to DEI/CC
        • Provide Faculty development opportunities related to DEI/CC
        • Provide development opportunities for clinic specific topics and issues
        • Diversify celebration/recognition activities to be inclusive of campus community observances and interests
      • Student development
        • Increase curricular content on cultural competency/humility and DEI topics across programs
        • Develop a cultural competency and humility course within IPE curriculum
        • Investigate additional levels of training
  • Goal: Increase diversity in recruitment
    • Action Items:
      • Develop recruitment strategies to increase student diversity for each program and college
  • Goal: Support retention of students through equitable learning environments
    • Action Items:
      • Increase retention of students enrolled at the university
      • Increase diversity of employees’ applicants and recruits
      • Increase employee retention
  • Goal: Strive for culturally responsive and inclusive community relations
    • Action Items:
      • Ensure marketing content and materials are representative of MBKU's diversity and meet the end user needs
      • Ensure marketing and communication services are accessible to DEI Committee efforts