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Student Disability Services

As part of University Student Affairs, Student Disability Services strives to provide accommodations, awareness, and advocacy with the goal of ensuring equal access for all qualified applicants and students with disabilities.  We individually review each student’s request and consider the functional impact of the disability and program standards in order to establish appropriate and meaningful accommodations.

There are unique aspects of MBKU educational programs that are different from the typical undergraduate experience students should consider when planning their transition to this new environment or determining what types of accommodations they may need to request.

Whether you are still considering applying to MBKU, already been accepted, or are a current student, Disability Services is here to support your endeavors.  Please reference the University Student Handbook for more information regarding Student Disability Services or contact the MBKU Student Disability Services Coordinator at

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Student Disability Services Annual Reports 2020-2021

Student Disability Services Annual Reports 2021-2022