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SCCO Video

We love connecting with prospective students in person or live at virtual events, but we understand busy schedules require more flexibility. We've recorded a variety of events and resources to help you explore the profession of optometry, learn about SCCO's program, tour MBKU's campus, experience student life, and help you become a competitive applicant when you apply. Enjoy watching the recordings below at your convenience, but be sure to check our events page and join us live if you can!



How to Be A Competitive Applicant Later in the Cycle + Q&A with Admissions Officer (2/15/23)

Whether you're considering applying late in the cycle or gearing up to apply for the next one, this 60-minute presentation provides information to help you decide what the best route is for you. The presentation includes what we look for in competitive applicants, suggestions for how to evaluate whether or not you should apply now or later, and open Q&A on a wide range of topics submitted by event attendees. Watch the recording.


Get To Know SCCO (3/21/23)

Looking for a presentation for your pre-optometry or pre-health club to join to learn more about SCCO? You're in the right place! Admissions Officers and Student Ambassadors co-hosted this event to share stories and real-life examples of SCCO's curriculum, community service, clinical opportunities, ways to get involved on campus and more. The students also took guests on virtual tours as we broadcasted live from campus. Whether you're coordinating a watch party or viewing solo, we hope this gives you a glimpse into your future as an optometry student at MBKU! Watch the recording.


Preparing to Apply Early Next Cycle (5/22/23)

Looking to apply early next cycle? Whether you're applying for the first time or reapplying, admissions officers shared ideal timeline options, tips to be a competitive applicant, and additional resources to help you prepare to apply early! Watch the recording.



SCCO's Optometry Open House (2023)

The Optometry Open House is geared toward those who want to learn more about the profession, the admissions process, and SCCO's program. This event was held in person and virtually on April 1, 2023 and included presentations from the admissions team and current students, an Alumni panel, and a recent alumni shared about community service opportunities local and abroad. Event recording coming soon!

SCCO's Optometry Admissions Workshop (2022)

This event, hosted in person and virtually on July 23, 2022, was specifically designed for those preparing to enter optometry school in the next 1-2 years. Get tips and timeline advice from admissions officers, take notes while faculty members share what they look for during the interview, observe a slit lamp demo and Vision Therapy presentation taught by a faculty member and the Dean, and hear career options and engaging stories from an Alumni Panel. View an event recap and the recording. 

Virtual Spring Admissions Open House (2021)

The Spring Admissions Open House is geared toward those who want to learn more about the profession, the admissions process, and SCCO's program. This live, virtual event was held in April 2021 and included a welcome from the Dean, presentations from admissions advisors, Q&A with students and faculty, and more! Access the Virtual Open House recording.



Join 4th year student, Maeve McDonnell and 6 different faculty members for our Specialty Spotlight Series. They'll take you inside the University Eye Center at Ketchum Health for an in-depth look at the six specialties listed below to share about typical patient demographics, demonstrate equipment and technology utilized, as well as provide an overview of what a “day in the life” of an Optometrist who practices in this specialty might look like. This is a great way to learn more about optometry’s scope of practice! Click the links below to watch these 60-minute event recordings.

Cornea Contact Lens  |  Recorded Live on February 22, 2023

Comanaging with Opthalmology  |  Recorded Live on March 2, 2023

Primary Care and Ocular Disease  |  Recorded Live on March 9, 2023

Low Vision Rehabilitation  |  Recorded Live on March 14, 2023

Pediatrics  |  Recorded Live on March 23, 2023

Vision Therapy   Recorded Live on March 30, 2023



Join SCCO Admissions and our students for a virtual campus tour and get a glimpse into what life is like on the main campus. Check out the Student Union, pre-clinic labs, lecture halls, library, and more. Note that this video was filmed with safety operations in place during the height of the COVID pandemic. As of Summer 2021 and with safety measures still in place, the campus has opened up with all lecture halls, lab classrooms, and student activities once again in-person. Watch the video.



Want to connect with a current student? Check out these Zoom interviews and blog articles with Student Ambassadors, and feel free to reach out to anyone you'd like. Spend some time getting to know a few 1st Year Faculty members and get tips on how to thrive in your first year in optometry school!