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Interprofessional Education

Marshall B. Ketchum University

Interprofessional Education: Equipping You to be a Leader

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that ‘the future of health care is collaborative.’ At MBKU, we couldn’t agree more. 

That’s why we’re leading the way in providing interprofessional education (IPE) for all our students— optometry, PA and pharmacy—and supplying a leading-edge clinical environment in which they can expand and apply that knowledge: The Ketchum Health Center in Anaheim

How IPE Prepares You

Taught by MBKU faculty, IPE is an innovative teaching approach that emphasizes communication, safety and quality of care. It prepares students of different disciplines to work in teams to deliver the best possible patient experience and outcomes.  

At MBKU, you’ll have many opportunities to learn with and work alongside students from our other specialties--to step into their shoes and see patient care from a different medical perspective.  

Your IPE Experience

Teaching you the skills and knowledge that lead to better care and outcomes is the ultimate goal of interprofessional education. To that end, we’ve structured the IPE curriculum into five integrated, phases:

  • Phase one: interprofessional co-curricular and social events
  • Phase two: teaching through group activities
  • Phase three: teaching through simulation and standardized patients
  • Phase four: teaching interprofessional practice at Ketchum Health
  • Phase five: interprofessional rotation through a clinical experience

Ketchum Health Anaheim: Your Personal Training Ground

Ketchum Health, our brand new facility in Anaheim Hills, CA not only magnifies your clinical experience (because you may get to train there), it also provides expanded, state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment capabilities to the city of Anaheim and surrounding communities. 

Ketchum Health offers patients an integrated, comprehensive approach to care, which currently includes high-quality specialty eye care, primary health care for families, and a top-notch pharmacy research lab.

Learn more about MBKU’s Vision, Mission and Values. Or apply for admission today: