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Student Support

Providing support services to students throughout the year is a major operation made possible through collaboration with a variety of offices on campus.  It is our ultimate goal to make sure all students have equal access to education in a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment.

Academic Support

University Student Affairs, Program Student Affairs and faculty all offer personal Academic Enhancement services and resources throughout the year as necessary:

  • Peer Tutors, review sessions, study groups
  • Learning support resources (study skills and test-taking strategies, time management coaching, etc.)
  • Managing stress and test anxiety
  • Personalized academic success planning

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors provide informal, advice and guidance about life and learning at MBKU to new students.  New students gain informed student perspectives on MBKU based on the Peer Advisor’s personal experience within their program along with formal training.  Peer Advisors are students who are committed to student leadership.  They show a strong commitment to helping new students make the transition to informed, successful professional students who will be responsible for their own academic goals and professional growth.

Peer Advisors are assigned a specific group of incoming students and contact each of them at least once over the summer.  Each Peer Advisor has different preferences and ways of welcoming their group of advisees to campus.  Some communicate via technology while others prefer phone calls or face-to-face meetings and get-togethers throughout the entire academic year.

During University Orientation, Peer Advisors play an essential role by giving campus tours, leading icebreaker and team building activities, and facilitating some of the educational sessions.

Student Counseling Services

MBKU provides a selection of mental health services to current students at little to no cost.  First, the Director of University Student Counseling Services is on-campus and available on a part-time flexible schedule throughout the week for free personal counseling for all current MBKU students.  She is a licensed clinic psychologist who specializes in student support.  Current students may reference the University Student Handbook for contact information.

In addition, MBKU has a partnership with Hope Counseling Center (HCC) to provide a spectrum of low-cost therapeutic and/or psychological services to current students.  HCC offers personal/individual, marriage/couples, and family counseling for only $5 per session.  Although part of a larger religious university, HCC services are not religious-based.  For more information and how to set up an appointment, check out the University Student Handbook.

Financial Aid & Student Accounts

MBKU Title IV Code for FAFSA: 001230

Student Financial Aid includes all resources other than those of the students and their families, which are used to finance education.  It includes scholarships and grants, federal and/or college work-study funds, private or institutional educational loans and Federal Direct Unsubsidized, HPSL, LSD, and Grad PLUS loans.

The Financial Aid Office (in collaboration with Student Account Services) is available to assist students with a variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Detailed tuition and fees breakdowns by program
  • Student expense budgeting
  • Satisfactory progress requirements
  • Loan options
  • Entrance and exit loan counseling
  • Loan repayment

Contact Information