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PA Studies Research

At MBKU's School of PA Studies, each student will complete a Master’s Capstone Project. In small groups, PA students complete a needs analysis to identify a health care need within the community and develop and implement an intervention to mitigate the identified need. Students use evidence-based principles to complete research regarding the specific medical issue and present a professional poster on their topic prior to graduation.

Masters Capstone Course Description 

PAS 551, 609, 613 Masters Capstone Project I, II, III - 9 units

This entails 3 courses spread across multiple quarters. Each course focuses on a particular area of the Masters Capstone Project, to allow the PA student to complete their requirement project for their master's degree under the guidance of a faculty and/or approved community advisor. In teams of 3-4, students will identify a population health care need to develop and implement a project to address the identified need. Students will use evidence-based principles to research the medical issue related to their community project. The student teams will prepare and present a professional poster on their topic prior to graduation.

Prerequisites: Admission to the School of PA Studies.

Additional Information

Detailed information regarding research policies and procedures are available here: