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Center for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility


At MBKU, we understand that the diversity of identities and lived experiences fosters a learning environment of acceptance and respect for each other and for our current and future patients. We are increasing our equity mindedness in the classroom and patient care clinics through faculty, staff and student development. We are regularly evaluating our curriculum and aim to empower faculty to ensure content is not only the most contemporary and evidence based, but also inclusive, culturally responsive and reflective of the many voices and lived experiences of the communities our students will serve. We are in constant exploration of how to improve the clinical experience for patients, to create inclusive spaces where health can thrive, and be a model for students to replicate in their own practices. We are also learning to be better listeners. Our community of learners bring lifetimes of knowledge and insight to all phases of our educational process, and as better listeners, we can be more effective in addressing our communities’ needs. It is through this learning and growth that we will create the space for increased diversity of students, supporting them through their own professional identify development, and promoting our role in moving toward racial and health equity while being empowered with the skills to act.