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Class notes: Spring 2017



Owner of Alamitos Eye Care, Dr. Avani Patel, '95,  nominated the Los Alamitos Youth Center for a $1,000 grant from ABB Optical Group, which was awarded in November. Not only does Dr. Patel have a passion for the center that seeks to transform children’s lives, but she and the Alamitos Eye Care also plan to match this grant for the center. Great work, Dr. Patel!

Professional accomplishments

Dr. Stephanie Woo, ’11, is now a part owner of Havasu Eye Center. She was a patient there from the time she was eight years old until she graduated college.

Dr. Howard Saulles, ’79, was recently appointed as the interim executive director of the University Health Service at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, an ambulatory health center that sees more than 80,000 patients a year and employs more than 160 staff. Dr. Saulles has served at the University for more than 35 years as director of their Eye Care Clinic at UHS and in other administrative positions.

Dr. Angie Chen, ’09, is serving as a vice chair for PEDIG, an NEI-funded clinical research network of more than 325 pediatric ophthalmologist and optometrist investigators who perform clinical investigations related to pediatric eye conditions. In this role, Dr. Chen oversees the day-to-day activities of the network, formulates general PEDIG policies, reviews any clinical site performance issues, and prioritizes studies for protocol development.

Dr. Tawna Roberts, ’04, was selected as the only OD for the PEDIG Leadership Development Program and is a protocol chair for an upcoming ATS study.

Dr. Robert Sanet, ’74, has partnered with Eyecarrot to help make vision training more accessible and effective throughout the world. Dr. Sanet is an educator and practitioner in behavioral optometric care, vision training and practice management and will be a significant addition to Eyecarrot.

Primary Care Optometry News

MBKU congratulates those from our community who are the newest members of PCON 250 (Primary Care Optometry News), including our president, residents, faculty and alumni. These outstanding optometrists are recognized for practicing progressive and innovative patient care, conducting research, or demonstrating excellence in academics.

  • Dr. Kevin L. Alexander, President
  • Dr. Jeffery K. Austin, ’85
  • Dr. Marc R. C. Bloomenstein,’95
  • Dr. Susan Cotter, ’84
  • Dr. Steven G. Ferrucci, ’97
  • Dr. Scott G. Hauswirth, ’99
  • Dr. Jeffery C. Krohn, ’87
  • Dr. Richard London, ’79
  • Dr. Harue J. Marsden, ’87
  • Dr. Robert E. Prouty, ’85
  • Dr. Scott Schachter, ’89
  • Dr. Nicoletta Stefandis, ’89
  • Dr. Elizabeth Wyles, ’99

American Academy of Optometry
New Fellows: Class of 2016

  • Laura Addy
  • Erica Anderson
  • Ryan Anderson
  • Mackenzie Black
  • Heather Bowman
  • Julia Casanova
  • Stefanie Chan
  • Elain Chen
  • Jennifer Chet
  • Allyson Chun
  • Vin Dang
  • Amy DeVries
  • Amanda Dexter
  • Dean Fasciani
  • Rachel Grant
  • Colton Heinrich
  • Paula Johns
  • Mark Landig
  • Allison Moy
  • Chelsia Park
  • Victoria Piamonte
  • Maureen Plaumann
  • Natalie Ramirez
  • Kristy Remick-Waltman
  • Amy Rindahl
  • Jonathon Ross
  • Oliver Solis
  • Kyle Tetrault
  • Catherine Tuong
  • Lisa Wahl
  • Abby Wicks


Dr. Jason Ng, ’03, received the 2016 Innovation in Education Grant from the American Optometric Foundation in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. for the development of an interactive learning module to improve learning of signal detection theory.

As the 2006 Nansen Refugee Award Winner, Dr. Akio Kanai, ’72, was recognized in a short film created for the 2016 Nansen Refugee Award ceremony. Dr. Kanai has led vision missions to different areas of Azerbaijan to assist internally displaced people. Most recently, Dr. Kanai led a team of optometrists to Barda, supporting people who have limited access to optometric services.

Dr. Linda M. Chous, ’87, was a recipient of The Dr. Gertrude Stanton Award for Innovation by Women in Optometry at the American Academy of Optometry meeting held in November. Dr. Chous has played an integral part in treating patients with chronic conditions through her work as the Chief Eyecare Officer for United Heathcare and her involvement with the National Association of Vision Care Plans. Read more about Dr. Chous.

Dr. Larry Jerge, ’74, was awarded Lion of the Year by the Tega Cay Lions Club in Tega Cay, South Carolina, for his many contributions to the community. Dr. Jerge has screened nearly 7,000 students and helped to establish a modern vision screening program using the Welch Allyn Spot screener. of the recipients of the 2016 J. Pat Cummings Scholarship from the American Optometric Foundation in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. Ms. Wu received this award after demonstrating high academic performance, participation in extra-curricular activities, and dedication to patients via internships and other volunteer activities.

Dr. Arash Sadeghian, ’03, was presented a certificate of recognition by the California Legislature Assembly for exceptional volunteer service in the 60th Assembly District.

In Memory

  • Dr. Frank A. Word, ’42
  • Dr. Sheldon B. Johnson, ’52
  • Dr. Robert W. Ridley, ’52
  • Dr. James M. Jackman, ’55
  • Dr. Al Mayer, ’66
  • Dr. Gregory D. Gilman, ’77
  • Dr. Darol Joseph Bonander, ’79
  • Dr. Harue J. Marsden, '87