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Co-Valedictorians Honored at SCCO/MBKU Commencement


Co-Valedictorian Lindsay F. Wettergreen, O.D., Class of 2014.Two members of the Class of 2014 earned Valedictorian honors at the Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University (SCCO/MBKU).  The co-Valedictorians, Amy Aldrich, O.D., and Lindsay F. Wettergreen, O.D., were honored at the one-hundredth and tenth Commencement Exercise of SCCO/MBKU on, Thursday, May 22.

They reflected on the pride they have in the accomplishments of their fellow classmates; in setting and attaining goals throughout their four years of study at SCCO/MBKU; and they thanked the faculty and their family and friends for their support.

"Many people have commented on how proud I should be to stand before you today and it is true, I am very proud to do so," said Wyoming native Amy Aldrich, O.D., "But as I reflect on what I am truly most proud of, I realize that I am most proud of what we have in common.

"I am proud, as we all are, of the opportunity to learn from such a respected faculty.  During fourth-year rotations, I loved being able to name-drop the faculty who taught us refraction or disease or VT or contact lenses," Dr. Aldrich continued.  "How lucky are we to have learned from experts!"

Riverside, California native, Lindsay F. Wettergreen, O.D., reviewed goals set and attained by she and her 98 classmates during their four years of study for the Doctor of Optometry degree.

"My goals for us as a class are to always remember how hard we have worked and how far we have come as a class," said Dr. Wettergreen in her Valedictorian Speech.  "We have a special bond that ties us together for the rest of our lives.  Let's strive to keep that bond strong."

She concluded her comments by encouraging her classmates to be life-long learners and advocates for the profession of optometry.  Following graduation both women will begin one-year residency programs – Dr. Aldrich will begin a program in pediatric optometry and vision therapy at SCCO/MBKU and Dr. Wettergreen will begin a residency in vision rehabilitation at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN.  Overall 27 members of the Class of 2014 have been accepted into postdoctoral residency programs.

Overall, 99 members of the Class of 2014 received their Doctor of Optometry degrees during the evening Commencement Exercise held on the Fullerton campus of Marshall B. Ketchum University.  Other highlights of the event included the delivery of the Commencement Address by the Chairman/CEO of Snyder Langston Stephen Jones; the presentation of the College's prestigious Award for Meritorious Service to Mr. Jones; the announcement of Abie R. Chadderdon, O.D., Class of 1981, as the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year; the conferring of a Master of Science degree upon June L. Tse, O.D., who also received the Doctor of Optometry degree; and the acknowledgment of 46 optometrists who successfully completed one-year residency programs.

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