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Inspiring Account: Pastora Mardahl


Pastora Mardahl has always loved numbers. She grew up in Mexico fascinated by them, which led her to study accounting in college. Upon a post-graduation visit to Disneyland, Pastora realized how much she liked the United States as well. After going through the process of getting approval to work in the United States rightfully, Pastora started working on small accounting jobs while going to school to finish a two-year degree in the U.S. She rose through the ranks at work and school, eventually becoming the Accounts Payable and Disbursements Accountant at Marshall B. Ketchum University.

This is a job she loves because it allows her to interact with pretty much every department at MBKU. “I get to communicate with everybody,” she says, “Vendors, employees, students and faculty. Sometimes my inbox is a foot tall, but I love my job because it’s never boring.”

One thing Pastora’s parents always encouraged in her was a love of learning and this has never abated. Pastora has returned to school to complete her BA while working full time. At her own daughter’s graduation a year ago, Pastora saw an 82-year-old woman walk across the stage, which was all the motivation she needed to know that her hard work would once again pay off!