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Ketchum University Debuts State-of-the-Art Health Professions Building New Campus Building Encourages Interprofessional Collaboration


Proximity can foster greater understanding. That axiom was a driving force in the development of Ketchum University’s Health Professions Building – a 43,000 square-foot newly remodeled multifaceted building that houses learning spaces for all three of MBKU’s professional programs: optometry, physician assistant (PA) and pharmacy.

Soft-opened on July 31, 2017, the building offers state-of-the-art labs, classrooms and physical exam rooms, as well as uniquely designed student gathering places. The building is envisioned as a place to hone practical skills using the latest technology, while strengthening interprofessional bonds among Ketchum University’s professional health care programs.

“An expansion effort in 2016 allowed the University to move its clinical services to an additional campus in Anaheim Hills, known as Ketchum Health,” explained President Kevin L. Alexander, OD, PhD. The move has allowed us to advance on a variety of renovations to the former university eye care center in Fullerton. It opened up space for the Health Professions Building and a progressive academic environment for interprofessional education, which is transforming the student experience at MBKU.”