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Ketchum University Faculty Publications: Winter 2018


A listing of Ketchum University faculty* publications in peer-reviewed journals.

May-October 2018


Bronner A, Whitley WO. Protocols and pitfalls in topical steroid use. Review of Optometry. 2018;155(4):66-73.

Chen AM, Manh V, Candy TR. Logitudinal evaluation of accomodation during treatment for unilateral amblyopia. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. 2018;

Dang V. Sizing up anti-inflammatories in dry eye disease. Review of Optometry. 2018;155(4):62-65.

Greenawalt Chung A, Borsting E. The impact of short-term prism correction in convergence insufficiency on reading rate and accuracy. Optometry & Visual Performance. 2018;

Hunter D, Cotter S. Early diagnosis of amblyopia. Visual Neuroscience. 2018;35:1-7.

Messer B. Clinical pearls for improved outcomes. Contact Lens Spectrum. 2018;33(5):13.

Ng JS, Liem SC. Can the Farnsworth D15 Color Vision Test be defeated through practice? Optometry and Vision Science. 2018;


Ferrucci S. Prevent AMD vision loss. Optometric Management. 2018;53(5):13, 15, 48.

Lee AC, Vo AM, Edrington TB. Prism for optical correction with scleral lenses. Contact Lens Spectrum. 2018;33(6):47.

Nguyen L, Garcia J, Gruenberg K, MacDougall C. Multidrug-resistant pseudomonas infections: hard to treat, but hope on the horizon? Current infectious disease reports. 2018;20(8).


Dang VT, Whitley WO. Be the DED detective. Optometric Management. 2018;53 (7):16-19.

Laby DM, Kirschen DG, Govindarajulu U, DeLand P. The hand-eye coordination of professional baseball players: The relationship to batting. Optometry and Vision Science. 2018;95(7):557-567.

Nguyen LT, Yang D, Vien L. Case series: Corneal epithelial macrocysts in scleral contact lenses post-penetrating keratoplasty. Optometry and Vision Science. 2018;95(7):616-620.

Pucker AD, Dougherty BE, Jones-Jordan LA, Kwan JT, Kunnen CME, Srinivasan S. Psychometric analysis of the SPEED questionnaire and CLDEQ-8. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. 2018;59(8):3307-3313.

Schachter S. Practical steps to DED care. Optometric Management. 2018;53(7):28-32.

Vukich JA, Durrie DS, Pepose JS, Thompson V, van de Pol C, Lin L. Evaluation of the small-aperture intracorneal inlay: Three-year results from the cohort of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration clinical trial. Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. 2018;44(5):541-556.


Chang A, Lam D. Toric lenses for high ametropia: A look at what options are available for these patients. Contact Lens Spectrum. 2018;33(8):24-29, 51.

Dang VT. Identifying ocular allergy. Optometric Management. 2018;53(8):29-31.

Laby D, Kirschen D. A new model for sports and performance vision. Vision Development and Rehabilitation. 2018;4(2):91-97.

Messer B. Troubleshooting problems in successful lens wearers. Contact Lens Spectrum. 2018;33(8):48.


Bittner AK, Yoshinaga PD, Bowers A, et al. Feasibility of Telerehabilitation for Low Vision: Satisfaction Ratings by Providers and Patients. Optometry and Vision Science 2018;95:865-72.

Kwan J. Take Dry Eye Therapy to the Next Level. Review of Optometry 2018;155:66-71.

Yeung KK, Yang HJ, Nguyen AL, Weissman BA. Critical Contact Lens Oxygen Transmissibility and Tear Lens Oxygen Tension to Preclude Corneal Neovascularization. Eye & Contact Lens 2018;44 Supplement 1:S291-S5.


Chiu GB. OSD patient workup. Contact Lens Spectrum. 2018;33(10 suppl):12-17.

Gabrielson SW. SciFinder. Journal of the Medical Library Association. 2018;106(4):588-590.

Hsieh J, Ilsen PF. Ophthalmic artery steal. Clinical & Refractive Optometry. 2018;29(2):42-53.

Lim T, Ilsen PF. Iris Neoplasia. Clinical & Refractive Optometry. 2018;29(2):55-66.

Ngo M, Ilsen PF. Rhino-orbital mucormycosis. Clinical & Refractive Optometry. 2018; 29(2):67-79.

Rosenfield M, Myung Lee E, Goodwin D. Clinical cases in eye care. First ed. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer; 2019.

Tampoya C, Sawamura MH, Tong J, Ilsen PF. Ocular manifestations of valsalva maneuver. Clinical and Refractive Optometry. 2018;29(2):80-88.

Vo AM, Lee Kim AC, Edrington TB. Aspheric lenses, astigmatism, and aberrations. Contact Lens Spectrum. 2018;33(10):48.

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