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Lowell D. Godfrey, OD, ’53


The Visionaries Society is comprised of individuals who have chosen to name Marshall B. Ketchum University or one of its colleges in their will or estate plans. The university considers these individuals among their most committed partners, as each one has chosen to remember the lifelong benefits that the institution has made in their lives in a very tangible way.

Among these cherished individuals is Dr. Lowell D. Godfrey, ’53. He and his wife Lois decided together that as part of their estate planning each of them would donate a sum of money to the two educational institutions that most affected their path in life. Lowell was an optometrist for more than 40 years in the city of San Dimas. Upon retiring he asked his good friend Dr. Hopping what he might do in service of the Southern California College of Optometry.

In response, he was appointed Director of Continuing Education, serving in this capacity for many years. It was at this time, that Lowell also decided to include SCCO in his will. An Epoch Society member as well, Lowell’s giving spanned several decades. And in 2015, he realized his final gift, a contribution to the Vision for Excellence Endowed Grants, supporting students in financial need.

We remember Lowell as a dedicated professional, generous in his time, talents and resources. As a Visionaries Society member, he will forever be recognized for his forward-thinking, charitable spirit. To learn more about ways in which you can include the university in your will or trust, visit