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Marshall B. Ketchum University Honors Two Distinguished Alumni and Two Distinguished Young Alumni at Annual Gala Celebration


Marshall B. Ketchum University is honoring two distinguished alumni and two distinguished young alumni whose significant contributions to their field and exceptional examples of MBKU’s values and mission will be recognized and celebrated at the University’s annual Gala on Sept. 14, 2019, at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. The 2019 MBKU Alumni Honorees are: Carl Boeck, OD ’79, Brian Park, OD ’14, and Elizabeth Bergman, PA-C ’16. The 2018 MBKU Distinguished Alumni Honoree, Joshua Terry, OD, ’07, will also be recognized during the event.

After Carl Boeck, OD graduated in 1979, he and his partner, Ronald W. Schisler, OD ’79, opened an office in California which they both continue to operate full time today. In 2001, Dr. Boeck was compelled to join the Air Force Reserves after witnessing the World Trade center attacks. He was stationed at March Air Reserve Base from May 2002 to October 2016, and during that time was deployed as an International Health Specialist on two Anti-Terrorist Missions to Chad and Niger as part of the Trans-Sahel Antiterrorism Initiative. There he treated the local population and refugees for ocular disease, trauma and supplied medications and corrective eyewear to those escaping genocide out of the Sudan. Over the span of 2004 to 2015, he was deployed 14 times on similar missions to Africa, Central and South America and Southeast Asia. Dr. Boeck designed the Mobile Optometry Kits for Air Force Reserve Command, defining and writing the Air Force Reserve Guidelines for Ocular Disease Treatment and Therapy for Deployable Optometry. He worked with the Defense Intelligence Agency in creating a database for worldwide patient care ability and became a Security Cooperation Officer working alongside of the Chief of Mission (Ambassador) to his assigned country of Guatemala. 

Dr. Boeck has treated over 14,000 patients abroad, acquired $234,000 in ophthalmic medications, prescribed nearly 40,000 pairs of corrective eyewear and over 11,000 pairs of glasses. Dr. Boeck provided visual examinations for the members of the 452d Air Mobility Wing at March, and fit and dispensed Flight Eyewear and gas Mask Inserts. His accomplishments garnered him 17 Awards and Decorations and promotion to the rank of Lt Colonel. 

While not on duty status he continued to work with his partner to grow their practice and serve as an ongoing member of the UCSD Mentoring Program for Pre-Optometry Students, engaging them in direct office “shadowing” and providing support and guidance for those student’s testing and application processes. He continues to be a vocal supporter of the Optometry profession and was directly instrumental and responsible for the Air National Guard not eliminating Optometry in 2013 as an unnecessary provider in favor of using technicians. Through his Military and Civilian contacts, inside and outside the Department of Defense, Dr. Boeck was able to assist in changing the actions of the Guard Surgeon General and Optometry still remains an integral part of patient care and screening. Dr. Boeck will be honored with MBKU’s 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award at MBKU’s annual Gala this September. 

Brian Park graduated from Southern California College of Optometry in 2014 and since then has worked in the Sacramento area, currently working as associate optometrist for Greenhaven Optometry in Sacramento, California. Park has worked extensively with optometry students and volunteered in local and non-local screenings—a member of the Sacramento Valley Optometric Society (SVOS), and volunteer for the SVOS Board of Directors, ultimately serving as President. Additionally, Park has sat on many committees at the California Optometric Association (COA) and was recently awarded COA Young Optometrist of the Year and elected to COA Board of Trustees. Park strongly represents the capabilities of our profession and what we can accomplish. Dr. Park will receive MBKU’s 2019 Distinguished Young Alumni Award at the University’s Gala next month. 

Elizabeth Bergman represents MBKU’s School of Physician Assistant Studies. In 2013, Bergman entered the University’s new PA program. By the time she completed her program she graduated in the top 10% of her inaugural class. Since graduation, Bergman has worked in psychiatry providing exceptional medical care in an interprofessional environment. She works alongside of physicians, social workers, nurses and a myriad of mental health professionals to delivery high quality care for patients. Additionally, PA Bergman services the MBKU community, dedicating many of her Saturdays to providing voluntary primary care at a medically underserved clinic in Santa Ana. She is a phenomenal representation of her profession and a role model for all MBKU students. Bergman has also worked with leaders at the Santa Ana clinic and the SPAS clinical team to create opportunities for PA students to participate in clinical rotations. She has served as preceptor herself to students during their behavioral health rotations and has also been a guest lecturer, taking time off work to do so. PA Bergman continues to make a positive impact on students, the profession and the lives of patients she serves. She will also receive the 2019 Distinguished Young Alumni Award on Sept. 14, at MBKU’s Gala celebration. 

MBKU’s signature annual Gala Celebration welcomes more than 200 guests each year, benefitting MBKU’s Southern California College of Optometry, School of Physician Assistant Studies, College of Pharmacy, and the University Eye Centers at Ketchum Health in Anaheim and Los Angeles. For additional information about MBKU’s Gala Celebration, visit