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MBKU’s College of Pharmacy Granted Continuing Full Accreditation Status


Marshall B. Ketchum University is pleased to announce that in June of 2022 the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) officially extended the College of Pharmacy’s full accreditation status through to 2026. Obtaining full accreditation is an absolutely essential milestone in the lifecycle of a young academic program, and continuing accreditation is a strong indicator of the program’s solid foundation and an exciting sign of the program’s stability and success.

“I’ve had a number of different positions in pharmacy education, and have been doing this for a long time. So I have gone through many site visits from accrediting organizations,” says Dr. Ed Fisher, Dean of the College of Pharmacy. “The extent of the solidarity and teamwork that our faculty, staff, and even preceptors exhibited was truly remarkable. We had a great team, all working together to accomplish this. Everyone was involved, and that is something that is noticed. It makes the process smoother and more successful.”

The accreditation of an institution of higher learning never “ends,” as it is a continuous project of improvement and progress. The collaborative and convivial environment among the faculty leadership at MBKU’s College of Pharmacy is a clear indication that the program is well-positioned to thrive in this ongoing effort.

“The College of Pharmacy continues to hit all its marks,” says MBKU President Dr. Julie Schornack. “I am extremely proud of the dedicated work of the College of Pharmacy’s faculty and staff, not just in their careful and detailed effort to represent their program’s strengths and successes to the ACPE, but also in those successes themselves, chief among them the exceptional education they are delivering to our Pharmacy students.”

Dr. Fisher takes great delight in the College of Pharmacy’s ongoing achievement. “I have to reiterate how proud I am in the faculty, staff, students, and preceptors,” he says. “To have received the maximum accreditation is a testament in part to what the site visitors from ACPE remarked on: our program is a happy, cooperative one.”