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MBKU’s New School of Physician Assistant Studies Set to Hold First-Ever Educational Outreach Event


“The fifth graders have been learning about the human body in school this year and are excited about the opportunity to take their learning beyond the classroom,” said Deborah Story, 5th grade teacher at Grace Miller Elementary.” “The mission of Grace Miller is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to becoming productive members of society. The opportunity to expose them to a graduate university and various health care related professions while also expanding their knowledge of the human body helps us to fulfill our mission while at the same time gets the students thinking about higher education early.”

The fifth graders will learn from MBKU’s students, faculty and staff during an all-day event where they’ll rotate around a series of stations to learn more about the human body. “The fifth graders will be able to do everything from hold a real eyeball to getting a real casted splint. They’ll have opportunities to earn prizes, join MBKU students, faculty and staff for lunch and participate in an awards ceremony at the end of the day,” said Allison Mollet, MMSc., PA-C, Assistant Professor, Director of Didactic Education, School of Physician Assistant Studies. “Our main goal is to get the children excited and interested in the human body through hands-on learning activities.” 

The partnership between Grace Miller Elementary School and Marshall B. Ketchum University marks the inaugural community education event for MBKU’s new school of Physician Assistant Studies. Marshall B. Ketchum University has a long history in community outreach events and is excited to expand its focus beyond vision health as the university continues to grow and add new programs.

“We’re excited to open our doors to the fifth graders at Grace Miller,” said Dean of the College of Health Sciences Judy Ortiz, MHS, MS, PA-C.  “Our physician assistant students and faculty are thrilled to engage with the children and help them learn more about the human body. Since our Physician Assistant program is the only one of its kind in Orange County, we recognize the importance in giving back to our community and engaging with the broader Southern California region whenever possible.”

About Marshall B. Ketchum University’s School of Physician Assistant Studies
MBKU is now home to the School of Physician Assistant Studies. Their mission is to educate individuals to become compassionate physician assistants who can provide the highest quality health care, are dedicated to their communities, and practice evidence-based medicine while promoting population health and advancing the PA profession.  The School of PA Studies currently has an inaugural class of 28 students who will graduate in 2016 with a Master of Medical Sciences (MMS) degree. The program includes intensive education and training in both didactic (classroom) and clinical settings to prepare graduates to practice medicine and provide medical care to diverse populations.