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Passion for Patients: Rita Martinez


Rita Martinez is employed in Ketchum Health’s Claims Department, where she works with doctors, patients and insurance companies to bill and collect for health care services. It’s a complex job where the larger perspective she has gained from a life filled with challenges allows her to bring kindness and understanding to people who need it.

From a young age, Rita was influenced and encouraged by her father, who instilled in Rita the idea that her good heart gave her special potential. These words shaped Rita’s ambitions early on, and set her on the path to becoming the first college graduate in her family. With a lot of dedication and hard work, Rita completed her degree at Cal State Fullerton, fulfilling the dream her father had for her.

Rita studied Human Services with an emphasis in Mental Health, and the passion she brings to her work at Ketchum Health grows out of her desire to help people navigate the intricacies of locating and making use of resources designed to help them. “The overall goal of my degree is service in the community,” she says. “Whether it’s making a change in a business setting, an educational setting, or a home setting. My main interest in the degree was to be able to help people. I love to hear people’s stories and to be a part of their growth.”