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Pillar of Policy: Luis Ospina


There have to be some people who love reading the “Terms and Conditions,” that long, arcane legalese by which our use of everything is governed. Most of us probably hit “Accept” and swipe it away, but Luis Ospina is the type of person who reads and relishes it all. Luis is the Director of Healthcare Policy Compliance at Ketchum Health, and in this role, he applies his precise and detailed legal mind to making sure that Ketchum Health does not fall out of compliance with any of the many protocols it is beholden to as a health care institution.

“The health care industry is the most regulated industry in the nation,” he says. “And in the nation, California has the most regulations of all. So it’s very hard to keep pace with every rule. But I try to stay compliant with every single aspect of our operations. It might not be the most exciting thing the University does, but I find perfect compliance to be very fascinating!”

Luis received his law degree from a prestigious university in Colombia, but instead of going the practicing attorney route, he enrolled in business and project-management courses, learning about and becoming certified in data analysis, public policy and health policy. His expertise is to pay close attention to all the strict details by which Ketchum Health’s faculty, doctors, clinicians and patients are protected.

And while there aren’t many celebratory articles about perfect compliance, it’s a job Luis takes great pride in. “We are compliant not because we fear punishment but because it is ethical to exercise due diligence with our patients. We need to honor that responsibility.”