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Positive Presence: Norman Kown


Norman Kown has a career path a bit more varied than the typical employee of a health care university, but seeing the path he took to get to Marshall B. Ketchum University allows one to understand so much about why he is the cheerful and enthusiastic person he is. After moving up the ranks of retail in a flagship department store, Norman spent years successfully building the presence and clientele of a personal fitness company. In both of these positions, Norman learned how to help people expertly. He learned how to truly listen to them to understand their needs and wants and to help them achieve their goals.

Now Norman extends his relational brilliance across MBKU’s campus as the Auxiliary Services Representative, a position in which he has quickly gained a reputation for exuding happiness and accommodation. Whether it’s MBKU’s copy center, campus store or mail room, Norman makes sure every individual he comes in contact with is heard and seen and receives his undivided attention.

“You make up how your day is going,” he says. “Whatever happens, I come here with a fresh slate and good energy, and people feed off that. It makes others feel better about their day. And that makes me happy, too.”