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President’s Perspective: Spring 2019


Dear Alumni and Friends, 

I  believe that some of the most important moments in our lives come when we have occasion to be powerfully reminded of our purpose – when we read or hear stories that affirm our calling and privilege us with awareness of what we are able to contribute to the world. This is why I am particularly drawn to the major stories in this issue of Ketchum Magazine. Each of them is an expression of what is at the very core of the heath care professions: helping other people be well. 

Dr. Susan Cotter is a longtime faculty member at Marshall B. Ketchum University who, in addition to being a tremendous educator and selfless mentor, has devoted her career to research in the field of pediatric eye care. This year she steps into the role of co-chair of the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG), which for more than 20 years has served as a model for a collaborative approach to studying diseases of the eye in children. 

Dr. Dawn Lam is an alumna of Southern California College of Optometry who now teaches at MBKU and is a clinician in the Stein Family Cornea and Contact Lens Center at University Eye Center in Anaheim. Her work with helping patients experience improved vision has an added dimension because of her focus on working with individuals who require specialty contact lenses or prosthetics due to injury or disease. 

And the University continues to expand its health care offerings to the surrounding community in conjunction with giving students valuable opportunities to practice medicine with the recent opening of the Family Medicine Clinic at Ketchum Health. Under the guidance of faculty from the School of PA Studies, students from that discipline will staff an outstanding facility for primary medical care. 

The work of these great members of the Ketchum family is supported by what you’ll see as a theme running through this entire issue: Ketchum University’s substantial commitment to staying current with and adding to the latest research, as well as our deliberate embrace of innovative technology. 

Warm Regards,

Kevin L. Alexander, OD, PhD


The full Spring 2019 issue is available online. Read Now