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A Ray of Light: Evelyn Stinson


If you’ve attended a Marshall B. Ketchum University commencement ceremony in the last few years, you might have become acquainted – even if you were completely across the room – with Evelyn Stinson. She was the one with the pom-poms, cheering loudly for every single graduate who walked across the stage.

Evelyn is one of those individuals with a heart called to uplifting others and her attendance at commencement is just one way this manifests. She is the Central Supply Clerk at Ketchum Health, and responsible for equipment and supplies throughout the University Eye Center. Even though her work is ostensibly about materials, she has made it all about the people who come in touch with those materials. “It is very important for me to make students, faculty, staff and patients at MBKU feel comfortable and content when they visit me. I want them to feel welcome,” she says.

Evelyn’s cheerful personality also shines its rays of light on many children at Ketchum Health, as she supports the Vision Therapy department. She has devised numerous ways to make their time at Ketchum Health more comfortable – from “VT Bucks” which earn them prizes for completing therapy exercises to ringing a special bell, it’s all in the service of extending the human face of Ketchum Health’s quality health care.

And as for her marathon cheering at graduation, she has a simple explanation for that: She loves the students at MBKU as well. “I’m just so proud of them. They keep me young. If not for them, we wouldn’t have this institution!”