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Research grant: Droxidopa for neurogenic orthostatic hypotension


Jack Chen, PharmD, a professor with the College of Pharmacy and chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, received phase two of a research grant from Lundbeck, LLU.

Lundbeck is a pharmaceutical company focused on innovative drug development for neurologic and psychiatric conditions.

This industry-sponsored original research grant was designed to be funded in two phases. Both phases have now been funded for a total award of $109,274. The title of the research project is “Systematic review and meta-analysis of droxidopa for neurogenic orthostatic hypotension.”

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are important sources of synthesized information for decision-makers including consumers, clinicians, funders, payers, regulators and researchers. The main reasons for undertaking systematic reviews and meta-analyses are to minimize bias and to maximize data by collating all the relevant, available evidence on a particular topic.

As the research project leader, Dr. Chen directs a research team which includes neurologists and research assistants affiliated with Loma Linda University, MBKU library personnel and third-party statisticians.

During the first phase, an evidence-based, systematic literature review was conducted which identified randomized, controlled trials reporting on efficacy and safety outcomes. For the second phase, the team will conduct both traditional and network meta-analyses to analyze study effects and to provide comparative results against other treatments. The results are planned to be published so that individuals and society will be better able to address the management of patients with this disabling condition.