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Richard D. Jones, JD & Family


Moments of passion and charitable dedication to the university are growing in number and significance as our closest friends step forward to pledge their support for the ACHIEVING 20|20 Campaign. Here, we reflect on a shining example of our university and community leaders raising their voices as champions of our commitment to excellence in health care education.

On the evening of the fifth annual MBKU Gala, the Jones family took the stage to accept the university’s V-Award, which recognized them for their selfless dedication to community and charity, evidenced through their vast portfolio of engagement and volunteer work. Richard Jones has served on MBKU’s Board of Trustees since 2009. He rightfully claims decades of volunteer work for our local service clubs as well as elected service for a local school district. His wife Judy, their sons Brandon and Ryan and their families all remain active in their communities across the state of California and abroad. It is clear that the commitment to philanthropy runs deep.

When asked why he and his family choose to give back, Jones stated, “We have been blessed in so many ways. And because we have been blessed in those ways, it is important that we give back as well.” To the university’s surprise, when accepting their award, the family renewed their commitment to MBKU with a new $100,000 unrestricted pledge. They challenged those in the room to rise to the occasion, too, and continue to encourage the incredible growth at Ketchum.

Jones continued, “I think we are blessed that such talented people are in this institution, and the students—the quality of students—being produced is not by accident. It is the direct result of individuals who are committed to providing a quality education and of a leadership team that has a vision to lead this university to ever-higher goals.”

We are proud to have champions like the Jones family leading the way. We share our thanks with them and with all of you who have demonstrated your commitment to Ketchum’s success.