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A Vision for Students: Erin Dean


Erin Dean knew from a young age that she would have a career in health care. However, she made an important discovery about herself in the course of completing her degree in Health Science at Cal State Fullerton. She didn’t care for blood, bones, or any of the potential gore that came with being a health care provider – but she did like the potential for changing people’s lives. She decided to pursue her passion for health care behind the scenes, in health care administration.

While a student at Cal State Fullerton, Erin served an internship for the Kids Vision for Life program, where every Friday she would accompany 40 students who were bussed to SCCO’s University Eye Center for complimentary exams. In addition to the opportunity to see firsthand how important quality health care is for a community, the internship also made her aware of Marshall B. Ketchum University for the first time. She was hired a few years ago as a Patient Relations Representative and after distinguishing herself in multiple roles, she was recently appointed Manager of the Office of Clinical Education, where her responsibilities include organization and management of SCCO’s vast network of affiliated Outreach and Residency programs. She also coordinates the scheduling and logistics of international programs affiliated with Eulji University in South Korea and Tokyo Optometric College.

At MBKU, Erin has found a position in health care administration that is free from the fierce nature that usually comes with the territory. “They really care about you here,” she says. “You know, family comes first, and if you have an issue they’re more than willing to help. I have a number of mentors here and it has been so awesome to learn from them and grow in my professional career.”

Passion for Patients