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Once the CASPA application is received by the admissions office, applicants will receive an email with a link granting access to the MBKU portal, Applicants must submit the non-refundable $75 supplemental application fee.

The number of applicants to SPAS at MBKU exceeds the number of available seats. Some applicants will not be admitted even though their academic records surpass the specified minimum recommendations and requirements. Our goal is to select students who are academically capable of completing the Master of Medical Science program and who also possess the personal attributes necessary to practice medicine as a PA.

The admissions process begins with a screening of each applicant’s scholastic qualifications including college records and prerequisite completion. This is done in multiple steps. First is a screening of each applicant’s degree and coursework prerequisites for admission. Only those applicants who have completed all of the required courses move to the second stage. Next, the applicants who have met all the required prerequisites are then reviewed for completion of their direct patient care experience. Third, applicants move to the next stage based on the totality of their GPA, academic qualifications, type and number of patient care experience, and any military experience.

Next, the applicant’s personal qualifications (essay, letters of recommendation, honors, awards, extracurricular activities and community service, etc.) are evaluated and reviewed by members of the Admissions Committee, as the study and practice of a PA requires great responsibility, maturity, ethics, devotion, intellectual curiosity and social commitment.

Those who meet the academic, clinical and personal criteria of the preliminary screening may be considered for an interview with the School of PA Studies at MBKU.

Additionally, the interviewing team endeavors to appraise such personal qualities as communication skills, problem solving skills, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, maturity and career motivation. Applicants will interview with various members of SPAS faculty, practicing PAs from the community, members of the university administration and faculty members from other MBKU colleges. Applicants are invited to matriculate based on their total interview score and the number of available class seats.

Provisional acceptance is offered pending successful completion of a routine criminal background check.

Accepted applicants are required to submit a non-refundable matriculation fee of $1500 within two weeks of their acceptance. The full $1500 deposit will be credited to the Fall Quarter tuition upon their enrollment.