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Health & Safety Measures

As we begin the gradual opening of our campus and clinics, we ask that each of you adhere to these items and respect all personnel that are charged with screening and enforcement responsibilities. These measures require everyone on our MBKU campus and Ketchum Health clinics to play a role in keeping all of our students, faculty, staff safe and healthy.

Returning to Campus Best Practices



What to expect when returning to campus or clinic

Everyone MUST wear a mask upon entering. You may use your own mask or if you don’t have one in supply, a disposable or reusable mask will be made available to you.

  • Cover your entire nose and mouth.

  • Only use clean and undamaged masks.

  • Secure your mask prior to exiting your vehicle.

  • Keep your mask on whenever you are around others or in public areas. If you are alone in your office or eating, you do not need to wear a mask during these times.

Please maintain a safe minimum distance of 6 ft. between each other.

  • Observe the reduced occupancy numbers for rooms.

  • Make sure there are no more than 2 in an elevator at a time.

Gatherings in any kind of group of any size are discouraged. Social distancing is a very effective method to squash virus transmission. We are limiting chairs in the employee lounge and student lounge area to inspire distance. The more distance the better. You will obviously have to unmask to eat. Do so away from others. We recommend you eat in your own office if you have one, eat outside in open air ventilation like the atrium, eat in your car, and stay away from others.

Upon entry into the building, every person will have their temperature screened and be asked a series of screening questions that focus on outside exposure or recent symptoms of illness.

  • Fever: Anyone with a 100˚F temperature or higher will be asked to return at a later date.

  • Not Well: Anyone not feeling well, coughing, shortness of breath, or sneezing will be asked to return at a later date.

  • Exposure: If you have been exposed to a positive COVID-19 patient in the last 2 weeks, you will be asked to return at a later date.

Students or employees who fail the wellness screening will be asked to consult with Dr. Brandon Grove for further direction.

Community areas are either limited or unavailable at this time. As part of social distancing protocols, we are limiting chairs and capacity public areas, such as the lounges for students and employees. 

  • Areas that are unavailable to use include the refrigerators, the coffee makers, the toasters, microwaves, hot pots, ice machines, and hydration stations throughout buildings. We understand that this may alter the way you are used to eating and drinking. 

  • Bring coolers and ice packs, personal water bottles and thermos containers to accommodate this temporary adjustment in available resources.

All public spaces and surfaces are regularly cleaned and sanitized for your safety.    

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly upon arrival, as well as frequently throughout the day.
  • Avoid touching objects directly with your hands. Use such things as a pen or stylus on keypads or elevator buttons.
  • Sanitize your work stations and other shared spaces before you use them.

Ketchum Health Patient Information 

For specific information about health and safety measures in place at Ketchum Health clinics, please visit the pages below: