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Priyank Kumar

Priyank Kumar, MS, PhD

B. Pharm, Rajeev Academy of Pharmacy, Mathura, India
MS, St John’s University, NY
PhD, St. John’s University, NY


“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself” - Galileo

Dr. Priyank Kumar is the Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Marshall B. Ketchum University’s College of Pharmacy. He joined MBKU in August of 2018. Dr. Kumar, as an academician, has a comprehensive and diverse background in a wide variety of disciplines including pharmacology, cancer biology, curriculum development and assessment and academic affairs.  These distinct experiences have contributed to Dr. Kumar’s desire to pursue as a professor and scientist.

The focus of Dr. Kumar’s laboratory is to carry out research at the crossroads of pharmacology, biology and medicine to develop novel platforms for understanding biological pathways and finding treatments for addiction and related metabolic disorders. The long-term goals of his laboratory are to improve therapies for addiction and associated diseases. He serves as a reviewer of a number of journals including American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, Life sciences and International Journal of immunopharmacology etc. He has talked about his research on national as well as international platforms. As an expert in the field of drug addiction, Dr. Kumar’s research has been featured widely in medical news