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Sandra Fineman

Sandra Fineman, PA-C

BS, California State University, Fullerton
Certificate of Clinical Proficiency, Stanford University Physician Assistant Program
PA-C, Physician Assistant Certified


Sandra Fineman graduated from Stanford University's Physician Assistant program and earned her bachelor's degree in Child Development from California State University at Fullerton. Sandra has been in clinical practice as a PA since 1999 in the primary care specialties of pediatrics, women's health, and family medicine and has been with MBKU's School of PA Studies since its inception in 2014.

Sandra received National Certification for Bilingual Healthcare Providers and co-teaches the interprofessional Spanish for Healthcare Professionals course. Sandra is a member of the National Association of Medical Minority Educators (NAMME), the Association of Physician Assistants in Obstetrics and Gynecology (APAOG), PAEA, AAPA, and CAPA. Sandra has been serving on CAPA's board since 2014.