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How to Apply to SPAS

The School of Physician Assistant Studies at Marshall B. Ketchum University offers a 27-month, post-baccalaureate program leading to the degree, Master of Medical Science. To apply, you must use the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) and complete all the requirements listed there:

Save time and avoid processing delays by completing the following steps BEFORE starting your CASPA application:

  1. First, preview the application. Read through CASPA’s Instructions and FAQs and the CASPA Admissions Code of Cooperation and Policy Regarding Investigations and Violations. You are responsible for understanding this information and will be asked to confirm your agreement prior to submitting your application.
  2. Review requirements carefully regarding prerequisites, standardized tests scores, supplemental applications, foreign evaluations, etc. to ensure you meet the minimum requirements.
  3. Contact three references. Contact three evaluators to ensure they are willing to complete a letter of recommendation (LOR) on your behalf. 
  4. Request transcripts. Ask that official copies be sent to you directly to aid in completing the coursework portion of the CASPA application. Please note that these transcripts cannot be the same ones later sent to CASPA.
  5. Compose your personal essay using a word processor, following CASPA’s 5,000 character limit (which includes spaces and line breaks).
  6. Remember all dates and deadlines, as timing is crucial for submitting documents and completing your CASPA application. A “complete date” status is given when an application is "e-submitted" and all transcripts, payments, and at least three letters of reference have been received by CASPA and attached to the application. Documents should be sent to CASPA several weeks prior to this date to ensure items arrive before the deadline. No exceptions will be considered. 
  7. Criminal Background Check. A Criminal Background check is required after a provisional acceptance. Please note that a conviction will not automatically disqualify a candidate from admission. More information:

Supplemental Application

When applying through CASPA you will also complete a secondary or ‘supplemental’ four-question application that helps us learn a little more about your background, goals, interests, and professional potential. It takes two to three weeks for CASPA to verify your application and release it to the School of PA Studies. After we receive your completed application, you will be prompted to pay a $50 fee online, and then the Admissions office will begin the review process.

No Rolling Admissions

MBKU’s School of Physician Assistant Studies does not participate in rolling admissions, so meeting application deadlines are extremely important. Please mark your calendar accordingly or contact the Admissions office if you have any questions (

Apply Now

Visit the CASPA website now to begin your application process ( If you need additional assistance, contact the Admissions office.