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Faculty Research

Faculty members at MBKU are engaged in research that delivers potential benefits to the health of our patients, to the education and training of our medical professionals, and to the study of vision science globally. This alphabetical list of research faculty provides information about areas of special interest.

Pharmacy Practice

Azita Alipour, PharmD

    • Psychiatric, geriatric & addiction medicine pharmacotherapy, pain management in psychiatric & addiction medicine patients

    Ashleigh-Anne Au, PharmD, RPh

      • Impact of drug information communication in Limited English Proficiency communities

      Nhu Quyen Dau, PharmD

      • Heart failure and anticoagulation

      Joshua Garcia, PharmD

      • Antimicrobial stewardship, antimicrobial therapy for immunocompromised patients, and pharmacy practice pedagogy

      Herman Johannesmeyer, PharmD

      • Effects of antibiotic timing on clinical outcomes
      • Implementation methods of preceptor developmental programming

      ichal Mingura, PharmD

      • Veterinary pharmacy, medical Spanish, scholarship of teaching and learning, pharmacy school education and curricula

      Puja Patel, PharmD

      • Feasibility of extended dosing intervals of Denosumab and pharmacy school education

      Genene Salman, PharmD

      • Management of hypoglycemia, parenteral nutrition, vasopressin, septic shock, pharmacokinetics

      Javad Tafreshi, PharmD

      Inpatient and outpatient cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, scholarship of teaching, and post-graduate education

      Eglis Tellez, PharmD

      • Achieving optimal pharmacotherapy outcomes using pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and pharmacogenomic tools
        Kidney and pancreas transplantation pharmacotherapy 

      Monica Trivedi, PharmD

      • Advanced pharmacy practice, community pharmacy services, medication therapy management, immunizations; pharmacy administration, communication, leadership; experiential education; professionalism

      Eva Wong, PharmD

      • Pharmacist ambulatory care and chronic disease management

      Joycelyn Yamzon, PharmD

      • Asthma, COPD, medication therapy management, immunizations, as well as pharmacy and interprofessional education


      Pharmaceutical Sciences

      Young Cho, PhD

      • In vitro testing of anti-neoplastic cytostatic actions of various natural plant extracts in mammary carcinoma model system, non-genomic actions of natural products, and examination of insulin-mimetic effects of orphan nuclear receptors.

      Ajoy Koomer, PhD, EMBA

      • Pharmacy Assessment: Determining criteria for academic and professional success of students through correlation of student performance from multiple appraisal methods with admissions variables; Miscellaneous Interests: Educational aspects of Pharmacogenomics

      Charitha Madiraju, PhD

      • Innate immune response pathways, cell survival and cell death mechanisms

      Andromeda Nauli, PhD

      • Dietary fat absorption, chylomicron biogenesis, oral lipophilic drug bioavailability, and red meat allergy

      Jozef Stec, PhD

      • Discovery and development of antimicrobial agents with the emphasis on antitubercular agents

      Rajesh Vadlapatla, PhD

      • Extended-release drug delivery systems, analytical method development and stability studies; scholarship of teaching

      Zhijun Wang, PhD

      • Improving cancer chemotherapy by using herbal medicines; pre-clinical and clinical pharmacokinetic studies; sublingual formulation development


      Social and Administrative Sciences

      Henry Hua, PhD

      • Pharmacist communications, the psychology of the pharmacist-to-patient relationship and educational outcomes

      Elvin A. Hernandez, DrPH

      • Mixed-methods research techniques, outcomes research relative to public health, pharmacoepidemiology, disease outcomes in patients undergoing treatments for various diseases, predicting patient adherence behaviors, and elucidating patient-provider interactions that influence these behaviors