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Peer Advice: Balancing Dance and Pharmacy School


In all honesty, balancing extracurriculars with school is very difficult.

Understandably so, for all that can relate. But we don’t do it because we hate ourselves and want to stress ourselves out; quite the opposite!

We do it because we want to relieve our stress and have an outlet for other things that we may be passionate about. For me, that’s dance! I’m not here to say that everybody should dance, though. I simply believe we all should find a way to decompress and keep ourselves at our sharpest, creatively or physically. I’ve danced for 9 years now, and if I am being honest, I can credit where I am and who I am now to the people I have met and who I have become through dance. It has shown me many things that I use to this day and is one of the main reasons I am at this school.

My drive to dance came from wanting to help and grow around others; in terms of dance, that means learning pieces and improving them or even creating pieces with others and performing for each other. The sense of unity, teamwork, and passion in one creative outlook has pushed me to endeavor the same feats in pharmacy school.

So how do I balance it? There’s a philosophical law that work expands to the time allotted for completion; it is known as Parkinson’s Law. Say we have a simple blog post to write, and it’s due in four weeks; someone like myself may take four weeks to write that simple blog post! If we understand this concept (and I like to think that I do), then we can do our best to counteract that law and finish things in a timely manner! This would mean we have more time to do what we want, such as dance! Essentially,  do your best not to procrastinate; you will have time to do what you want.

For me, it’s obviously dancing. But what is it for you? And do you think you will continue to do the things you enjoy as you endeavor into a new life in the school? I hope you do. Because I know that I would not be here without my passion for dance.

I say all this because I know things will be stressful and things will be tough. We all face this reality in professional school, but like dance, we have each other and can overcome things together. I find my dance life and pharmacy life intertwine often and will continue to drive my passions for other people's growth, mentally and spiritually.  If you made it this far, thank you for reading, and I hope this encourages you all to continue your passions outside of school.

P.S. the photo is of me and Rich Brian, who I performed for! This was during HITC 2021, right after my first finals!